Philippines Videos, you may as well try before you visit.

No matter how hard I try to describe the Philippines to you, justice is never really served.

You cannot have a travel site without pictures of the Philippines and along similar thinking, as technology improves on the web, Philippines videos is going to prove to be even more spectacular!

This page is going to be a starting point for you to see what the Philippines really looks like and the Philippines videos will show you how beautiful the 7,107 islands are. Some of the videos will be my own, whilst other videos will not, but either way they will be important to your research for your holiday or maybe if you want to plan a more permanent trip.

If you have any videos of your trip to the Philippines that could be useful to others, let me know, drop me a line here, I'm always after good quality information that will assist you and others in their travels.

If you have a request for a video of something in particular, let me know also and I will see what I can do. You can contact me here.

Philippines in General

  • Philippines - More than the usual
    Official Philippines Department of Tourism (DOT) promotional video on the Philippines. Beautiful images of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines.

  • About the Philippines
    A beautiful collection of images throughout the Philippines. If you have not been home to the Philippines for a long time then this video will make you home sick.
  • Wild on E! Philippines Series

  • Wild on E! Philippines Part 1
    A brief look at partying in Manila and Intramuros, don't miss the Balut!

  • Wild on E! Philippines Part 2
    A Jungle Survival camp in Subic Bay then back to Manila.

  • Wild on E! Philippines Part3
    The magical Boracay. Water sports and Nightlife, with these ingredients life on Boracay is exciting!

  • Wild on E! Philippines Part 4
    Staying on Boracay, enjoying some beach volleyball. Then off to the yapak bat caves.

  • Wild on E! Philippines Part 5
    Boracay, Boracay, Boracay - Scuba Diving, hiding from the sun in a bath of flowers and party time.

  • Wild on E! Philippines Part 6
    This episode finishes with some windsurfing on Boracay and then off to Cebu. Not much of interest here.

  • Wild on E! Philippines Part 7
    Checking out the Cebu City markets and finishing with a popular club in Cebu City. Oh keep an eye out for the body painted models.
  • Puerto Galera

  • Big La Laguna Beach Video
    This video shows the tranquility of Big La Laguna Beach. Only a short video, 1:31, but a real good guide to what Big La Laguna Beach looks like.

  • Shark Cave Puerto Galera Video
    This is actually two videos of the Shark Caves in Puerto Galera, this dive site lives up to it's name, it has sharks!.
  • Surfing - Philippines

  • Surfing in the Philippines
    This is a great video showing you a snap-shot of surfing in the Philippines as well as some scenery and Filipino life.

  • Baler Aurora Surfing Video
    A long video showing waves and surfing at Sabang Beach at Baler.

  • Catanduanes Surfing Video
    If you wanted to know what the surfing would be like at Puraran Catanduanes then you really should look at this video.

  • Bagasbas Beach Daet Surfing Video
    This beach is now very popular for surfers and beach goers. When the typhoons hit so does the surf.

  • La Union Surfing Video
    I had to put two videos up here. Different conditions create two opposing surf breaks.

  • Samar Surfing Video
    A nice video showing Calicoan Surf Camp on Samar. Fantastic waves here.

  • Siargao Surfing Video
    There are quite a few to choose from on the net, however most are pretty ordinary. I found three that show some spectacular surfing.

  • Zambales Surfing Video
    Crystal beach at Zambales is a popular surfing spot. It catches the swell from the South China Sea.

  • The Expat Life

  • Philippines - A Senior Comes to Paradise
    This video is an interview of Charles Chuck James, who arrived in the Philippines for the first time aged 84.

    The video is long, nearly 20 minutes, but it is incredibly interesting, not just on this retired Assistant Attorney to California's, trials and tribulations of his move to the Philippines but also his remarkable life.
  • Philippine History

  • Re-capture of Manila Video
    This video from Universal newsreels shows the re-capture of Manila by the US Army. A reminder of the horrors of war.

  • Old Manila Video
    A must see video on Manila pre World War 2. How Manila once looked in splendour and glory.
  • Shopping Malls in Manila

  • Robinsons Place Manila
    A quick flick of the inside ground floor of Rbinsons Plaza Shopping Center in Manila. It only lasts 9 seconds but it will give you a small glimpse of Mall life in Manila. Just scroll down on the page and you will see the video

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