Philippines Video, more than the usual. Yes Please!

This video was produced by the Philippines Department of Tourism (DOT).

The marketing centres around Philippines, more than the usual and has been well made.

As you would expect from a governmental production the images on the video are simply outstanding, any potential tourist who may not have made up his mind on whether to travel to the Philippines or not, only need to see this short (4:56) video clip, to be convinced to come and enjoy the 7,107 islands.

The Philippines video, more than the usual, shows stunning scenery, giving particular mention to the island paradise of Boracay, with good reason I should add, as well as the other delights on offer, Shopping, Culture, Festivals and History.

It is geared toward the foreign tourist and has been put together professionally, make sure you have a look at it, I really liked it.

As with most official productions, there are always parts that are glossed over, don't be fooled into thinking the Philippines is perfect, because typical of everywhere else in the world, it isn't, but it does have more than the usual........ enjoy!

The Philippines - More than the usual (4.56)

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