Philippines travel guide: are you ready to discover over 7,100 tropical islands?

Have you dreamt of adventure, searching for endless possibilities?

Philippines Travel Guide will give you all this and much, much more. To really feel part of the Philippines, you have to embrace the culture and run with it… will not be disappointed.

If you want a holiday that is more than just memorable, one that will stay with you forever, then Philippines Travel Guide will take you there and guide you from first hand experience.

Since I have lived in the Philippines and travelled extensively throughout, I can provide you with first hand, personal experiences and objectiveness you will not find anywhere else.

There is such a diverse array of activities you can succumb too. I will be describing them all to you in detail, which will meet the needs of both adrenalin junkies and families a like.

What to do?

The Philippines has it all, rich history, night life, shopping, sporting activities, uninhabited tropical islands, unique wildlife and for those of you that need some creature comforts from home – KFC, McDonallds, the Philippines have taken to Western fast foods. Don't let this spoil the culinary delights that the Philippines has to offer!

Or the incredible and diverse culture and history which is around every corner, just waiting to be discovered.

It is also one of the few English speaking Asian countries.

Whatever you want, we can provide, if we don’t, let me know!

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Site Map for Philippines Travel Guide.
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Philippines Travel Guide Blog
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Hotels in Boracay Philippines, a huge range from cheap bargains to luxury resort
Which Hotels in Boracay Philippines do you want to stay in?
Manila Condominiums are perfect for a long or short term stay
Manila Condominiums an alternative to Manila Hotels
Hotels in Manila Philippines from Budget to Five Star.
Hotels in Manila Philippines, you get what you pay for.
Angeles City Philippines, be careful of the angels in Angeles!
Angeles City Philippines, has everything except beaches
Anilao Beach, cool breezes, clear water.
Anilao Beach in Mabini Batangas
Baguio City the mountain resort of the Philippines.
Baguio City is more than the summer capital of the Philippines.
Bohol Philippines, natures gift, natures natural beauty.
Bohol Philippines has more than the Chocolate Hills.
Boracay Philippines an island paradise.
Boracay Philippines, is more than a jewel, come and see for yourself.
Cebu, "Queen City of the South"
Cebu the island province with a city of the same name
Cebu City lots and lots to do, are you up for it?
Cebu City growing from strength to strength
Corregidor the tadpole island at the mouth of Manila Bay
Corregidor did you know it's the remnants of a volcano?
La Union Philippines, the surfing mecca on the South China Sea
La Union Philippines, beaches and cheap resorts all together
Manila Philippines, a city that is surrounded by opposites.
Manila, full of life in every way.
Makati Philippines the CBD District of Manila
Makati Philippines lots to do here have you had a good look around?
Enjoy Puerto Galera, it has beauty beyond imagining, come and see Puerto Galera!
Puerto Galera is one of the Philippines major assets. Why you may ask? Come and see for yourself!
Subic Bay is proving to be quite impressive, come and see why.
Subic Bay has it all and it is close to Manila.
Tagaytay City, a couple of hours south of Manila, with awesome views
Tagaytay City it is cool here, real cool......
Information on the Philippines, get the facts!
Information on the Philippines, you need this information.
Philippines Food an evolution in the making
Philippines Food a melting pot of spices and cultures
Airline travel Philippines getting here and away.
Airline Travel Philippines. This is not all about cheap airline ticket to Philippines<br/>It is about all airline travel to Philippines.
Getting around? Do I use airlines, ferries, buses, Jeepneys, taxis?
Getting around the Philippines is half the fun, whether you use airline travel or ferries or any other means, we will give the information.
All the Philippine Regions and Provinces in one spot!
The information you need to discover Philippine locations. You will find Philippine regions, provinces and barangays at your finger tips.
Philippines Real Estate can be a sticky minefield
Philippines Real Estate do yoou have all the facts?
Retirement Philippines, it’s cheap, it’s beautiful, and it is waiting for you.
Retirement Philippines live better for less in paradise.
Philippines Golf Courses some of the best in Asia
Philippines Golf Courses have got it all, water, scenery, ravines you name it!
Diving Philippines a frontier yet to be explored!
Diving Philippines, is in a healthy and exciting condition, come and see why.
Philippines surfing spots, there are many.
Philippines surfing, where and when shoud I go?
Filipino Girls, like most women all over the world they can be complex.
Filipino Girls are they perfect for you?
Filipina Dating do you know wht you are getting yourself in to?
Filipina Dating does not always end in happiness
Manila Tours lets you see the sights in comfort
Manila Tours the best way to see the city sights!
Philippines Pictures, what's a travel website without photos!
Philippines Pictures, will help you decide if you want to have a look or not.
Philippines Videos, just like being here, only from the comfort of your home.
Philippines Videos capture and let you become part of the image.
Philippines Weather check out the weather before you go!
Philippines Weather, your favourite places all in one spot.
Contact us at Philippines Travel Guide.
Your feedback on the Philippines Travel Guide website is greatly appreciated.
Link resources
Link resources to places related to travel.
Calabarzon Region 4A is in the southern part of the island Luzon.
Calabarzon was previously part od Southern Tagalog region, now it has its own identity.
Badoc Island surfing
When the Badoc Island surf is on fire, watch out for big waves.
Baler Surfing in Aurora Province.
Baler Surfing is a surfers paradise on the Pacific Ocean.
Catanduanes Surfing like no other
Catanduanes surfing is good, real good, if your a good surfer, come and have a look.
Daet surfing in Camarines Norte
Daet surfing, will not disapoint.
La Union Surfing on the northwest coast of Luzon
La Union surfing is here most of the year.
Samar Surfing, on the east coast of Samar.
Samar surfing has been explored by only a few.
Siargao surfing in North Mindanao
Siargao surfing is truly world class.
Vigan surfing in Ilocos Sur, north west Luzon.
Vigan surfing has more than just surfing, check out the city proper.
Zambales surfing, only three hours by road from Manila.
Zambales surfing is on the west coast of Luzon.
Where mountain meets ocean, see it all at Ilocos!
The Ilocos region is divided into four provinces, read about them here.
Philippines air travel is simple, affordable and easy!
In a country dominated by islands, Philippines air travel is the quickest way to travel.
Cordillera Administrative Region, or CAR is in central, northern Luzon.
Cordillera Administrative Region, is a landlocked beauty.
Cagayan Valley, from eco-tourism to gamefishing, have a go!
The most northerly region, Cagayan Valley is untouched and rarely visited.
Baguio attractions, is there anything to see in Baguio?
Baguio attractions are unique, come and see for yourself.
Accommodations Puerto Galera, an adventure in paradise.
Accommodations Puerto Galera come in various shapes and sizes, look here to find one that suits you!
Central Luzon has it all, beaches, mountains and history!
Central Luzon is close to Manila & has everything you need!
Mimaropa is a region of Luzon, but it is not on Luzon?
Mimaropa Region is made up of islands strectching as far as Borneo.
Philippine Tarsier the worlds smallest Primate?
Philippine Tarsier monkey will fit in your hand.
Philippines Visa, how do I get one? Where do I go?
Philippines Visa, do you qualify for the 21 day Philippine Visa?
Manila Pavilion right in the heart of Ermita, Manila.
Manila Pavilion nice a close to the US Embassy.
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Philippines Travel Guide Privacy Policy

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