Wild On E! Philippines Part 4 - The Bat Cave!

Wild on E! Philippines is a series of 7 Philippine Travel Videos.

This is part 4 of the 7 episodes, it is hosted by Brooke Burke and Kristin Malia.

This episode of Wild on E! Philippines is not as good as the others. They are staying on Boracay.

This Boracay video starts off with the beauty paegents playing each other in a game of beach volleyball. what it does provide is some good shots of the beach at Boracay and how white the sand is.

they then take a trip to the Yapak Bat Caves. If you do get to Boracay then I do recommend you make the effort and have a look. take some water with you because it is hot.

Wild On E! Philippines Part 4 (6.15)

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