Wild On E! Philippines Part 1 - Taking Fun-ila by storm.

Wild on E! Philippines is a series of 7 Philippine travel videos.

This is part 1 of the 7 it is hoster by Brooke Burke and Kristin Malia

This first episode promotes Manila as being the party capital, they call it Fun-ila, due to all the night clubs and partying.

They take a look at a Chineese New year celebration. The Chineese New Year celebration they are invited to is not traditional by any means, in fact it may as well be in a night club, which it probably is, only difference is they are dressed in Chineese clothing.

The Wild on E! Philippines Part 1 finishes up showing Intramuros. If you have not been to Intramuros before have a look here, this will give you an idea of what to expect.

Oh and I don't blame Kristin for not eating the Balut!

Wild On E! Philippines Part 1 (9.48)

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