Big La Laguna Beach Video

This video of Big La Laguna Beach shows the entire beach from a perspective opposite the normal. The normal photo angle is from the end you can see in the video.

It is a nice perspective, a slow pan from one end to the other and back again.

This Big La Laguna Beach video shows a lazy day, or should I say typical day, on Big La Laguna Beach in Puerto Galera.

The bancas are tied up on the beach waiting for some custom. You will note from the Big La Laguna Beach video, that nearly all the bancas are tied up in the foreground of the video and not under the headland at the far end, this is because the reef comes in fairly shallow and it is very difficult to get in.

At the far end of the beach you will find the path over the headland and onto Small La Laguna Beach and beyond to Sabang Beach.

You can also see how close to the waters edge the resorts come, the building you see that looks like it is on top of the water is the La Laguna Beach Club & Dive Resort.

It never ceases to amaze me how clear the water is, truly inviting.

As the video pans out to the Verde Passage, you can see the land in the background, which is the main island of Luzon a bit further round to the left as you look at the Big La Laguna Beach video is where you will find Batangas, the departure point for Puerto Galera.

Big La Laguna Beach Video (1.31)

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