Philippines Pictures & Photos

Part of any travel guide has to include pictures and photos and in this case Philippines pictures and Philippines photos. Let's face it we all love to look at photos of our next holiday destination, it gives us a feel of what to expect.

Photos are used in both travel brochures and online websites to give you the wow factor so you can make the right decision.

I have put together some Philippines pictures of areas that I have visited to give you a closer look at what you can see or what you are missing out on.

This Philippines Pictures photo gallery, has a long way to go as i have 100's of photos to sort out and put some logic to, so make sure you come back regularly for updates.

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Now, I have arranged the Philippines Photo Gallery by destination, alphabetically all you have to do is click on the link of where you want to look at.

Okay, that's enough chat let's have a look at the Philippines Pictures and photos!

Philippines Pictures - Manila

  • Coconut Palace Photo Gallery
    The Coconut Palace is in the Cultural Center of the Philippines and backs on to Manila Bay. It is a great spot. What I liked about it was the extravagance and the extremes of wealth in the Philippines. It is also a reminder of what a dictator can do if allowed........

    Have a look here for photos on the Coconut Palace.

  • Cultural Center of the Philippines Photo Gallery
    This area covers all sorts of places from the Hotel Philippine Plaza, Star City to the CCP Bay Terminal, which is where you catch the ferry to Bataan and Corregidor Island.

    Have a look here for photos of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

  • Fort Santiago Photo Gallery
    Right on the Pasig River in Intramuros, Fort Santiago has had a chequered past. Probably best know as the prison for Dr Jose Rizal, where he spent his final night before being executed. Fort Santiago is a place you should not miss.

    Have a look here for photos on Fort Santiago.

  • Manila American Cemetery Photo Gallery
    I guess your thinking why would I want to have a look at photos of a cemetery and a war cemetery at that! Well all I can say is that the Manila American Cemetery is something quite special, it is ordered, it is quiet and is immaculate and it is in Manila, doesn't sound right does it? Well it is, you can make up your own mind if it is worth having a look at by the photos.

    Have a look here for photos on the Manila American Cemetery.

  • Manila Bay Sunset Photo Gallery
    One thing you have to view for yourself is a Manila Bay Sunset. Get yourself down to the Baywalk next to Roxas Boulevard an hour before sunset, grab a seat in one of the open air cafes and enjoy the spectacle. This is a must see. It is one sight I never get bored of, once you have seen it you will be hooked too!

    Have a look here for photos of the sunset over Manila Bay.

  • Metro Manila Photo Gallery
    A quick snap shot of Metro Manila. More photos to come. Manila is such a big city it is hard to capture it's feel in a couple of photos.

    Have a look here for photos of Metro Manila.

  • San Agustin Church & Museum Photo Gallery
    This Church is in Intramuros. If you are interested in history then make sure you drop in. There are two parts the San Agustin Church and right beside it is the San Agustin Museum. Both are well worth the time to have a look at.

    Have a look here for photos of the San Agustin Church & Museum.

Philippines Pictures - Puerto Galera

  • Puerto Galera Photo Gallery
    Puerto Galera has grown substantially in the past years. It has a spectacular harbour and fantastic scuba diving, mixed in with some healthy nightlife and good restaurants, no wonder people keep coming back.

    Have a look here for photos of Puerto Galera.

Philippines Pictures - Subic Bay

  • Subic Ocean Adventure Photo Gallery
    This is like a seaworld fun park, just on a smaller scale. It is set in Subic Bay and they have seals, dolphins and false killer whales, as well as aquariums with a bit of conservation thrown in as well. Good fun and guaranteed to put a smile on your kid's faces......big kid's as well.

    Have a look here for photos of the Subic Bay's, Ocean Adventure.

  • Zoobic Safari Photo Gallery
    I had mixed emotions when it was suggested that I should have a look at the Zoobic Safari. What was described to me was not what you would expect to see in a western country, most definitely not in the US that's for sure, but I'm glad I went. All I can say is only in the Philippines!

    Have a look here for photos of Zoobic Safari in Subic Bay.

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