Puerto Galera Pictures

I have put together a broad image collection of Puerto Galera Pictures. These Puerto Galera Photos will give you an idea of what the three beaches of Sabang, Small La Laguna Beach and Big La Laguna Beach are like. Words can only do so much, photos will make it real for you.

Photo 1 - Puerto Galera Pictures - View to Batangas

Puerto Galera view to Batangas, Luzon

The whole area around Puerto Galera is mountainous with a dense covering of plant life. This photo was taken from the hillside above Big La Laguna Beach, where there is a road that circles through the hills back to the road into Sabang.

Along this road you are greeted with some fantastic views. The view above of the Verde Island Passage and Luzon. To the right out of picture is Batangas, which is where you will catch your ferry from to Puerto Galera.

You can see a banca boat heading off toward Batangas, carrying people back to reality.

Photo 2 - Puerto Galera Pictures - Big La Laguna Beach

Puerto Galera Big La Laguna Beach

In my opinion Big La Laguna Beach, is the pick of the three beaches. I guess I prefer my stay to be in a relaxed and quieter area. Don't forget you are only a 20 minute walk or 5 minutes in a banca to Sabang.

This photo was taken from the path that leads over the hill into Small La Laguna Beach. Big La Laguna Beach is only a small beach but very pretty.

This is a great place to snorkel.

Photo 3 - Puerto Galera Pictures - Stairs to Big La Laguna Beach

Puerto Galera path to Big La Laguna Beach

These stairs have changed a lot over the years. It use to be a bit of a goat track in years gone by, but now there are some decent stairs with a railing and lights, wow modern technology in the heart of Puerto Galera!

The stairs will take you over the hill and into Big La Laguna Beach, it's a great view even from the top of the hill between these two beaches.

Photo 4 - Puerto Galera Pictures - Pathway to Sabang

Puerto Galera path to Sabang

This is at the other end of Small La Laguna Beach heading into Sabang. Make sure you stick to the path and not walk across the beach. The beach here deteriorates into a whole mess of broken coral, which can be sharp on your feet.

It is accessible during low tide but during high tide you will not be able to walk in front of the path. Anyway it is far easier to walk around on the pathway. Lots of dive shops, hotels and restaurants along this stretch.

Just a bit further up is the Point Bar, a must visit for any and all visitors to Puerto Galera.

Photo 5 - Puerto Galera Pictures - Making a Living

Puerto Galera making a living

You can buy some real nice woven plates and baskets as you can see in the photo.

The craftsmanship or should I say craftswomenship is really very good. These ladies come down from the hills to sell there wares.

Unfortunately the modern day hawker is slowly taking a grip on these tourist beaches. A couple of years ago you would only get people walking the beaches selling you fruit or handcrafts, but now you can buy sunglasses, DVD's and just about anything else. I guess that's progress...........

Photo 6 - Puerto Galera Pictures - View to Dive Sites

Puerto Galera view to dive sites

This is a photo from the point between Small La Laguna Beach and Sabang. It is looking past Sabang on the right and off towards Escarceo Point. It is this stretch of water that is very popular to scuba divers.

The reef on this stretch is fantastic and out on the point is some of the best diving in the Philippines. Have a look here for information on specific dives sites in Puerto Galera. Truly spectacular. If you have never dived before this is the place to learn.

Photo 7 - Puerto Galera Pictures - Medio Island

Puerto Galera Medio Island

This photos is of Medio Island. This island lies in the middle of the entrance to Puerto Galera Harbour. There are two channel on either side of it.

To the right of the island as you look at the photo is Batangas Channel and is used by the smaller banca's. The channel on the other side of Medio Island is Manila Channel. The Manila Channel is where the larger ferries enter Puerto Galera.

This whole area is sheltered from the seas and winds, it was is safe haven from typhoons and the Spanish Galleons of yesteryear used the natural harbour to ride out the storms.

For more information on Puerto Galera, have a look here.

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