Manila Sunset Photos

These Manila Sunset Photos try to capture the breathtaking Manila Bay sunset.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case the photos show how beautiful the sunset is, but to really see how spectacular the Manila sunset is, you truly need to be here and see it for yourself.

Watching the bright of the day slowly transform into vibrant yellows and oranges and then fade into reds with the shimmering distortion of the colours reflecting off the water is magnificent. There are some things you just cannot get enough of, the Manila Bay sunset is one of them.

The best place to view the Manila sunset is from the Manila Baywalk. Have a look here for more information on the Manila Baywalk.

Photo 1 - Manila Sunset Photos view over Manila Bay

Manila Sunset photos over Manila Bay

It is easy to be mesmerised by an object of beauty. To me this Manila Sunset photos capture the start of the yellow to orange colour blend during the sunset in Manila. It shows the almost mirror reflection off Manila Bay, where you can actually see the complete reflection off the bay.

In the foreground are yachts moored in the safety of the Manila Bay Yacht Club, what a great view they have.

This photo was taken from the Traders Hotel Manila.

Photo 2 - Manila Sunset Photos sailing into the sunset

Manila Sunset Photos Sailing

What better way of seeing a Manila Bay sunset than to be out sailing on the water. Not much wind but enough to slice through the glassy waters of Manila Bay

The skies red hues are reflected onto the mirror like surface of Manila Bay. You can see the yacht is sailing through the blue of the cloud shadow from above, whilst the foreground of the Manila Bay photos reflect the sunset.

Photo 3 - Manila Sunset Photos view through Manila Yacht Club

Manila Sunset Photos Yacht Club

The boats moored in the Manila Yacht Club catch a final glimpse of the sun before she slides behind the Bataan Peninsula. Everything is quiet for another night, there is no wind about, as you can see from the water in the foreground being smooth and like glass. If there was wind about the water would be roughed up.

You can almost hear the rigging on the yachts tinkering against the mast as the yachts move from side to side with the sway of the water. Very peaceful.

Photo 4 - Manila Sunset Photos sun dipping behind Bataan.

Manila Sunset Photos Manila Bay

The sun setting over Manila Bay certainly puts on a great show. In this instance the show is all about tranquillity and peace, it soothes the soul. It is the view that, to me is hard to forget and never to tire of, I could watch it and be mesmerised every evening.

Photo 5 - Manila Sunset Photos Dining on Manila Baywalk

Manila Sunset Photos Dining on Baywalk

The best place to view the Manila sunset is on the Manila Baywalk.Along this entertainment area are numerous restaurants, cafes and bars. It is ideal for a romantic dinner, sipping your favourite drink with your favourite person, watching the best sunset in the world. It does not get any better than that.

Manila Sunset photos are mesmerising and hypnotic, just like a beautiful woman, you just cannot keep your eyes off her!

Have a look here for more attractions and information on Manila.There is a lot to see and do in the Philippines capital.

For information on where to stay in Manila, have a look here.

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