Retirement Philippines, has more pros than cons, come and have a look…

Why retire in the Philippines?

Interesting question, maybe not as easy to answer as you thought.

Retiring in the Philippines is a huge commitment and not one to be taken lightly. It is one thing to have a fantastic holiday and think gee I would love to live here, but it is another thing to actually live and breathe Philippines retirement.

There is no doubt, like everything in life, there are pros and cons and retiring in the Philippines is no different. So let’s be negative to start with and look at a couple of the cons of Retirement Philippines.

Retirement Philippines – The Cons


You must remember that the Philippines is a third world country and the infrastructure that you enjoy and probably take for granted back home, is nowhere near as efficient or dependable. Now, when I talk about infrastructure I’m referring to transportation, public utilities like electricity and water, telephone, internet and mobile phone reception and access and not to mention the postal service.

While all is widely available in the Philippines it does not always function consistently and in a manner your use to.

It is not unusual to have regular brown-outs, if it is a problem get yourself a generator.

Public transport leaves and arrives when it does, no use trying to understand why that’s just what happens. The highways are not like the motorways back home and fitting two cars into a lane is well… normal.

In a lot of areas mobile or cell phone coverage is far greater and reliable than land lines.

Outside of the major cities high speed internet access is just not available.

Can you live without these modern luxuries in your Philippines retirement?

Filipino Family

One of hardest areas to manage is your extended family in the Philippines. If you are married to a Filipino, your wife’s family will immediately label you as rich, irrespective of whether you are or not. You will be pressured to assist with all things monetary. Don’t for one instant think that a loan is to be paid back. If you do lend money to a family member be assured from the start that you will not see the money again, it will be gone forever.

The Filipino family unit is very close, much closer than western families and is reflected in their culture.

If you find yourself in this situation, you can try to manage and maybe even control it with a bit of authority.

The best advice is never live within three hours of your Filipina wives family. This is important so I will repeat it, do not live within three hours of your Filipina wives family. Right you have been warned.

If for some reason you find yourself retired in the Philippines living amongst your extended family who request money from you, I suggest you make the Filipino family members work or earn the money they would like. There are plenty of odd jobs that always pop up and what better way of getting them done than getting a family member to do them and pay them for it. I’m sure it will not surprise you, requests for money whilst you are retiring in the Philippines, will cease, if they know that the only way they are going to get money is to earn it.

Retirement Philippines – Pros

Cost of Living

This is a big Pro.

Here your hard earned Dollar, Pound, Euro or whatever, will go a long, long way, further than you could possible believe.

Depending on how lavish a life style you wish to enjoy, many foreigners are retired in the Philippines living off $1,000 per month. Some less and some more.

Could you afford to have maids, drivers and a house where you lve now, I would suggest not, whereas if you retire in the Philippines you can and you will be living and feeling on top of the world.

Have a look here for a breakdown of the costs for living in the Philippines

Sending Money to the Philippines

There will come a time when you will want to send money to the Philippines.

Be careful how you send your money, because there are a lot of ways to send money online, some are good some are not.

Have a look in this article for some of the ways we have sent money to the Philippines. It's by no means an exhaustive list of the way to send money but will give you an idea and if you find a better way then please let us all know so we can share the information.

Tropical Weather

Retirement to me means relaxing and enjoying life and what better way than in a tropical environment. Retirement Philippines can be exceptionally hot and humid but don’t forget that you can now afford to retire in the Philippines, by the beach with the cool sea air blowing into your face or you can afford air conditioning.

Now it is true that not everyone enjoys the hot humid weather, but do not despair there are beautiful places in the Philippines that are cool and Baguio City is a prime example. It is known as the summer capital of the Philippines, cool fresh mountain air.

There is a retirement place in the Philippines for everyone, you too can enjoy the warm weather.


The Filipino people are among the most friendly in the world. They are giving and so very relaxed. For a country and people that is so poor, they are rich beyond belief in happiness and joy. Life is what it is and a smile is always readily given.

Back home you get caught up with existing in the 9 to 5 grind earning just enough to pay the rent and put food on the table and totally ignoring everyone as you go about your day. In the Philippines, the Filipinos also try to grind out an existence with far fewer opportunities than you ever had, but they have one huge advantage, they go abut there life with a smile for you and anybody else, there friendship is a credit to them and an inspiration to me.

Anyone for English?

If you thought communicating with Filipinos would be difficult, because you cannot speak

Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines, then think again. The Philippines is the largest English speaking country in Asia. Communicating is not difficult.

English is pretty much understood by all however in the rural areas it is not as common as in the cities, either way communication is not as hard as you would have thought. Most taxi drivers and shop assistants speak English.

If you know a few Tagalog phrases, You will be accepted by the Filipinos so much easier, do not worry about pronunciation they will love you for just trying. Give it a go, you nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Have You Met Your Ideal Filipina Yet?

Well if you haven't then you better start looking around these on-line Filipina Dating Sites.

No scams here, just trustworthy advice and beautiful Filipina's.
  • Cebuanas is a dating site where Filipinos can meet foreign men.

  • Filipina Heart is another great Filipina dating and personals site for single Filipina men and women seeking dating, love and friendship.

  • FilipinoFriendFinder has close to 400,000 members, got to be a match in there, surely.

Streetwise Philippines

There are a number of publications on moving to and retiring in the Philippines and most tend to gloss over the reality of retirement Philippines. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is another US state or European country, because it is not.

Make sure you have enough money to get you by, because once it runs out you will be hard pressed to get a job locally, especially when the going wages are around $3.50 per day! So bottom line here is, don’t run out of money.

There is an electronic publication on retiring and living in the Philippines, it is called Streetwise Philippines. Streetwise Philippines covers and gives a lot of information about the reality of living in the Philippines as a foreigner. This ebook, discusses a wide range of issues facing foreigners, from relationships between foreign men and Filipinas to work opportunities to the Filipina family.

The author, Perry Gamsby pretty much tells it as he sees it. I must admit during reading Streetwise Philippines I was torn between thinking “what is he trying to do, scare everyone away” to shaking my head in awe as he has nailed the reality of living in the Philippines.

I highly recommend getting a copy of Streetwise Philippines, if you are truly serious about retirement in the Philippines. This is the only book I have read that does not gloss of the realities of living and retiring in the Philippines.

Who Else Wants to Escape to a Tropical Paradise?

Your Thoughts – Streetwise Philippines

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