Information on the Philippines all you need to know.

For all of you who are interested in information on the Philippines, then you have come to the right spot. The information about the Philippines I have noted below, will allow you to take some of the guess work out of planning your holiday or trip to the Philippines.

What I mean by planning your trip or holiday is I will provide basic information like what is the capital city, time zone, electricity used, when are there public holidays etc….. All this will make it easier for you too determine the best possible time to come.

Okay, let’s get on with it.

What’s in a name? The official name.

We commonly recognize the Philippines as the Philippines, which is correct…. Or is it ……well yes it is, however the official name is The Republic of the Philippines or in Filipino Republika ng Pilipinas. Which mean the same thing, but we all refer The Republic of the Philippines as the Philippines or the Philippine Islands and the reference to islands is quite fitting as there are 7,107 islands in The Republic of the Philippines, officially.

The Philippines was named Las Islas Filipinas after the Spanish King, King Felipe II in the 1500’s. For more information on the Spanish and the Philippines have a look here.

Information on the Philippines at a glance.

  • Official Language - English and Filipino. It is interesting how the language, Filipino came about and also how Filipinos use body language to communicate. On this page I will give you some useful information about the Filipino Language and also links to common phrases and for those of you who are interested same information on the history of Tagalog.

  • Capital City - Manila.

  • Instead of just throwing numbers at you, I have shown comparisons of Philippines information, with other countries to give you a bit of perspective. The countries I have used are the USA, Japan, China, United Kingdom and Australia.

  • Population - how populated is the Philippines compared to other countries?

    • Philippines – 87,857,473 (2005)

    • USA – 296,500,000

    • Japan – 128,000,000

    • China – 1,304,000,000 (wow!)

    • United Kingdom – 60,100,000

    • Australia – 20,400,000

  • Time - When I ring home am I going to wake them up?

    • Manila – UTC/GMT + 8 hours. When it is midday, 12:00, in Manila, it is…..

    • 20:00 in Los Angeles, the night before.

    • 23:00 in New York City, the night before.

    • 13:00 in Tokyo.

    • The same time in Beijing.

    • 04:00 in London.

    • 14:00 in Sydney.

  • Life Expectancy - Not sure why I have included this information about the Philippines, but here it is anyway.

    • Philippines - 68 years

    • USA – 78 years.

    • Japan – 82 years.

    • China – 72 years.

    • United Kingdom – 78 years.

    • Australia – 80 years.

    Overseas Consulates & Foreign Embassies

    There are a whole host of Philippines Consulates and Embassies scattered in different countries throughout the world.

    If you need specific information in relation to say immigration, then your best starting point is your local Philippine Consulate. I have provided a list of overseas consulates, so you should be able to find the one closest to where you live.

    Now if you are in the Philippines and you need to contact your own embassy, then you will find a list of them here.

    Philippine Newspapers

    Like all media, the newspaper is an integral part of communication within the Philippines.

    You will find a review of the main newspapers here. I have also provided links to those papers if you need them.

    Philippine Festivals

    Filipinos love a celebration. I guess that is why they have so many festivals, pretty much every province has there own festival.

    For a brief rundown on some of the better known and larger Philippine Festivals, have a look here.

    Philippines Flag

    The greatest and most popular symbol of the Philippines is the National Flag.

    Like all National emblems the pride involved with the Philippines Flag is imense. I bet though most of you do not know what the flag means or represents?

    Have a look here for information on the Philippines Flag.

    Philippines Electricity

    The electricity in the Philippines is 220 volts on a frequency of 60 Hz or cycles. One of the more common aspects of electricity in the Philippines is Brown Outs, which is when you have a power cut. They are not called black outs in the Philippines.

    It is interesting to note all the cables running in all directions from power poles throughout the cities and provinces, one job I would not want in the Philippines would be that of an electrician. An extremely scary occupation.

    If you are bringing any electrical appliances with you make sure you bring an adapter for the plug and socket. The plug arrangement in the Philippines is two flat pins.

    Philippine National & Public Holidays

    There are lots of Public Holidays in the Philippines. Some are fixed throughout the country, which everyone enjoys and others are localised, especially the festivals.

    Fixed Public Holidays

    1st January - New Year’s Day
    25th February - EDSA Revolution Day or PPD People Power Day.
    March / April - Holy Week – Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
    9th April - Bataan Day or Day of Valour.
    1st May - Labour Day.
    12th June - Independence Day. Independence from Spain.
    Last Sunday in August - National Heroes Day.
    1st November - All Saint’s Day.
    30th November - Bonifacios Day.
    25th December - Christmas Day.
    30th December - Rizal Day.

    Public Holiday information on the Philippines would not be complete unless you had a look at the numerous festivals or Fiestas that are so prevalent in the regions and provinces. For more information on Festivals in the Philippines have a look here.

    Philippine Regions

    The Philippines is divided into 17 different Regions. Those Regions are further separated into 79 provinces and the National Capital Region. You can break it down even further into Cities, then Municipalities and finally Barangays.

    For further information on Philippines Regions, have a look here.

    Philippines Geography

    The Philippines geography is pretty spectacular, where in the world can you explore 7,107 tropical white sand islands? Or maybe trek in the mountains?

    For information on Philippines Geography, have a look here.

    Sari Sari Store

    The ultimate in convenience is the Sari Sari Store, whether you are after some shampoo, cooking oil, beer, candy for the kids or load for your phone, the Sari Sari Store will have it.

    Do not go to a sari sari store if you want to purchase bulk items, Sari Sari Store's are for singular purchases, the place to go if you want one cigarette, not a packet, just one cigarette.


    Cockfighting in the Philippines could almost be described as a national sport, blood sport perhaps.

    All walks of life participate in betting and I’m sure huge burdens are placed on the financial status of local families, particularly in regional areas.

    Cockfighting is not for the feint hearted, in most countries it is illegal, but not here in the Philippines!

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