Philippines Newspapers a review of the main newspapers.

The meaning given in a dictionary describing the word newspaper is:

"A publication, usually issued daily or weekly, containing current news, editorials, feature articles, and usually advertising."

Philippines Newspapers have been used and abused in times past by various people for there own gain and benefit.

The Past

Prior to the Marco regime, pre 1972, the majority of Philippines newspaper “houses” were owned by privileged and influential families. Whilst the intention of these “families” was to take on the power and influence of the political subjects that held office, or anyone for that matter, the means to which the Philippines newspapers at that time achieved their goals was a bit underhand. Maybe that was there intention?

With the coming to power of Marcos, who feared the power of the Philippine news, as dictators tend to do, he appropriated the Philippines newspapers who were anti his government and basically gave the Philippines news papers to his supporters and or family alike. He therefore gained control of the Philippine news, if not directly, most definitely through a trusted third party.

Leading up to the final years of the Marcos regime and including his hasty departure, Philippines newspapers began to be more politically autonomous. In fact the Philippines news was taken back by the original “families” who originally owned them.


The Philippines news today provides a broad spectrum of Philippines newspapers, ranging from business and media to provincial community newspapers. Philippines news is printed in English, Tagalog and Chinese, catering to all.

The most popular Philippines newspapers are noted here, just click on the newspaper for my description/review of the newspaper:

1. The Manila Bulletin

The Manila Bulletin Newspaperis one of the major newspaper publications in the Philippines capital city, Manila.

Covering a variety of topics from Headline News, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Tourism and more, it has set up offices throughout the CBD areas and Metro Manila.

The Manila Bulletin Newspaper also gives you access through it’s website of provincial news all through the various regions of the Philippines.

Up to date weather forecasts, Stock Market watches, US currency exchange rates and various online polls keep your knowledge level occupied for when you may need it most.

The Manila Bulletin Newspaper also has a section on Classified Ads and a detailed listing of Schools and Universities.

The Manila Bulletin covers all the issues you need to know about and like all newspaper publications your opinions are welcome, even if you do not agree with the Editorial Comments.

For further information on the Manila Bulletin have a look at there website, there is lots of good information that you can digest.

2. The Manila Times

The Manila Times Newspaper Philippines is the oldest running newspaper in the Philippines, it’s first publication was on the 11th October 1898.

It has had a rocky adventure through it’s life, having being burnt to the ground in 1928, closed down for 14 years after Marcos imposed martial law throughout the country and as soon as Marcos fled, the Manila Times news reopened it’s doors.

The Manila Times Newspaper Philippines is both an online internet publication and a print edition and is published daily by the Manila Times Publishing Corp. The head office is located in the Port area of Manila.

The Manila Times News provides it’s readers with information on news effecting the Metro and Regional areas of the Philippines. It also has a good coverage of World events, good by Philippine standards.

Click here to view there online publication.<

3. The Philippine Daily Inquirer

The Philippines Daily Inquirer is the Philippines most widely circulated newspaper. It covers various articles from Metro, Regional, Provincial and World News to Headline news and Sport and Recreation.

The Philippines Daily Inquirer also gives you the opportunity to stay up to date with the breaking of news headlines through wireless applications to mobile phones and digital assistants.

The Philippine Inquirer news provides information online for the huge number of workers placed in overseas countries. It is a young publication targeting the youth and the various youth issues.

Buying and Selling through the online classified ads and providing an online job classifieds, also helps make the Philippine Inquirer an extremely popular publication.

Click here to view there online publication.<

4. Sun Star Philippines

Look here for further information on Sun Star Network of newspapers.

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