Filipina Dating - You better read this first!

Filipina Dating

Love in the Philippines is easy to find, but is true love easy to find?

What is true love?

Love is different for everyone and it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, the lust moment, we have all been there at some stage in our lives.

Everyone is searching for the ideal partner, the ideal life and a lot find it here in the Philippines and live happily ever after. But for some Filipina’s there is an ulterior motive.

How do you know if the Filipina your dating is the one, or is she out to scam you?

Not an easy question to answer, I’m not even sure there is a complete, infallible, failure proof answer, after all we are dealing with people’s emotions.

Filipina dating can go wrong, dreadfully wrong.

We have put together a series, the “Filipina Honey Trap” of a true event, not dissimilar to a lot of westerners who have been in the Filipina dating scene and have fallen for the “honey trap”. The last article in the series will be tips and warning signs for all of you out there dating a Filipina, it will give you some clues, educate you, so you can be aware of and don’t fall into the “Honey Trap”.

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if you missed the ezine’s don’t worry because a link to articles can be found below:
    Section 1 - Filipina Honey Trap

    Section 2 - The Meet & Hook Up
    Someone once quoted that “When Honey flows From the Mouth, the Pain in the Heart Usually Follows Suit.“ Is this a wise mans saying or a victim of seduction...we will never know as the author of is unknown.

    If you think that you are immune to the seduction of the sweet words of a woman, think again.

    Read about a man who vows to never get emotionally involved with a Filipina GRO, but still ends up being hooked by a cunning and calculating Filipina GRO.

    Learn from this real life story of how this particular Filipina GRO executed her moves to gain the trust of her victim and turn it against him.

    You might be surprised, as there maybe some similarities to the Filipina you are courting right now on the internet, to the guy who was taken to the cleaners by a honey trap.

    Section 3 - The Entrapment (The Snaring)

    In section 3, The Entrapment (there are two parts) and we won’t be talking about the movie starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones, instead you get to read about the tactics and ways a Filipino GRO entrapped a guy into her snares...complete with her tears, stories and lies all designed to gain sympathy and trust.

    Although this Filipina GRO thrives on sympathy, as you read the story in more detail, you will discover that there is no inkling of sympathy in the heart of this woman. Each move is designed to elicit a certain response from the men around her.

    You will also get to read how she used her newly gained trust and connections from the guy to get him ostracised from his network of friends and lure the guy further into her snare.

    It is heart wrenching to find out that your worst enemy is the very person whom you had helped sincerely and the worse part of all is it's all true.

    The Entrapment Part 1 - The Snaring
    The Entrapment Part 2 - The Guilt

    Section 4 - The Nightmare

    In the nightmare series, (all five parts) you will get to read how when he was in the snare, our victim suffered various indignities that goes beyond description. From an upper class professional, his status in life fell to that lower than a dog. Penniless, friendless and abused physically, verbally and mentally by the very person whom he had helped to improve her status in life. Read also how fate took an ironical turn and slowly helped our honey trap victim escape the clutches of this particularly devious honey trap.

    The honey trap series spans over a period of four years through two different nations. In terms of cultural differences, both are South East Asian countries and have many similarities in terms of language and mannerism. In this respect, one would had expected that the "love" match would have had a higher rate of success. It goes to show that regardless of one's pure motive, if your partner has an entirely different motive, your "love story" is doomed from the beginning.

    Section 4 - The Nightmare - Part 1
    Section 4 - The Nightmare - Part 2
    Section 4 - The Nightmare - Part 3
    Section 4 - The Nightmare - Part 4
    Section 4 - The Nightmare - Part 5

    Section 5 - The Current Disposition

    In spite of all that had happened, in the end, our victim did manage to meet a truly virtuous and decent Filipina after the honey trap dumped our victim. At the time of writing this, our victim is currently engaged and we wish him all the best and hope that by the time that this article is published, he would have tied the knot.

    As for the honey trap, after being cheated by an illegal recruiter, she is currently trolling the internet for possible victims.

    FaceBook, Friendster are the common social networking sites used to hunt for possible victims. Caucasians are her first choice but who is to say that a honey trap at 35 years of age and an overweight body will not cling onto the first possible guy that she can dig her claws into. It's not love that she's just your money.

    The Filipinos have a saying "No money, no honey". This is an over generalisation statement but I think in this particular case, the statement is appropriate.

    Section 6 - Tips & Warnings

    Learn to read the red flags that will normally signal that you are been ensnared by a honey trap.

Filipina Dating – Your Stories

We would love to hear your comments and stories. Not just bad, doom and gloom stories but successful, happy stories, because we know there are thousands of those as well, but we only ever hear about and remember the bad stories, but that’s human nature.

Filipina Dating should not be a lottery, it should be for life and it should be some of the happiest days of your life.

Have you been seduced by a Filipina?

Have you had a relationship with a Filipina?

Did it work out? Are you still happily together?

Where did you meet your Filipina?

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