Filipina Honey Trap - Your Worst Nightmare or The Love of Your Life?

Filipina Honey Trap

There has been a lot of hype regarding the beautiful and alluring Filipina.

We Caucasians can’t seem to get enough of that exotic flavour. As good as things may seem, there are always two sides to the coin.

This series of articles will expand on an incident that has recently come to our attention which highlights the dangers of what Filipina “honey traps” can do to your life if you are unprepared. It also goes to show no matter how good your intentions are, if you meet the wrong individual, it can literally destroy your life.

This article focuses on a person who fell for the wiles and charms of a Filipina Guest Relation Officer (GRO). For those who don’t know, the abbreviation “GRO” is actually a more diplomatic term for the word “prostitute” in the night club scene. Of course after reading, we would very much like readers to post their comments to tell us what they think about this particular case.

Fairly successful as a business consultant at the age of 36, Albert met Gidget when she was already moonlighting as a GRO in Malaysia two (2) years prior. That was towards the end of 2006. Unknown to Albert, at the time, Gidget was the mistress of a local thug named R.

What a lot of married men in Malaysia do when they keep a Filipina GRO as a mistress is to rent an apartment for the girl. So when the guy has some free time or is able to escape the watchful eye of the wife, he will pop in for a quickie with the mistress. Other than that, the mistress is free to do what she likes when the guy is not around. Of course most of these gals are extremely loyal and grateful to the guy who supports them. After all being a prostitute is not a profession which most people can classify as being proud of. Thus, when you have a sponsor, you don’t have to go out and service different guys every night.

Now Albert, a single guy, normally frequents a bar where Gidget works as a GRO after work for a couple of beers.

Now, let us talk about the character of Albert a bit. Albert is an upper middle class professional who comes from one of the “established and influential families” in his city. Divorced for 10 years and a workaholic, he is not one who enjoys socializing. As such, he normally keeps to himself when he is savouring his beer. He told us that it is very irritating sometimes to get all these GROs coming up to him pestering him to buy them a “ladies drink”. The question that pops up is what is he doing in a place like this? Well due to the nature of his work, he occasionally has to entertain some of his clients coming from KL. That bar is one of the few places in the city that had half naked filipina GROs running around serving drinks. Most of his clients want to have a night of fun when they meet Albert and I guess after awhile familiarity breeds comfort.

Ok back to the character of Albert. We brought this up because his persona is very typical of many of the guys that come to the Philippines hoping to meet the women of their dreams.

Mostly a loner except for work related acquaintances or contacts and usually a divorcee, these types of guys aren’t what we called the “predator” type of guys and they normally think the best of others. In short, they always give the benefit of the doubt to others more than for themselves. This puts them at a big disadvantage when it comes to the dating scene. What is real and fake becomes a very thin line...if the wrong type of girl pops into the picture.

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