The plain truth about Filipinas

by Windy

I stumbled on this website and although I did not read all of the contents at this specific page, titled, "Filipina Dating - You better read this first!", I feel that I have a bit in general to share with readers about Filipinas.


I had worked in Manila as a young man. It gave me some understanding about what the Filipinas are like.

During my stay at that time, I was close to a Filipina, not so much by her beauty but rather by her friendliness and mindfulness that as a foreigner, I was partially handicapped.

We did grow close. Unfortunately, I was asked by my Employer to fill in a vacant job position at their new Manufacturing Plant in my Country.

In those days there were no communication avenues as we have today and we lost contact.

Fast Forward

It was in mid 2011 that I revisited the Philippines; not with the hope that I could find her but because this time around, I had both, the time and the money to travel and give time to myself after retiring from a successful career.

Needless to say, in my mind, if I were to meet a Filipina like the one I once knew, I was prepared to marry her if love and companionship is genuine.

The Regrets

Over a period of two years and six trips to the Philippines, I was scammed and conned by four different Filipinas. The stories of each of these four Filipinas are very much the same in what can be googled about Filipinas who have trashed their relationship or marriage to foreigner.

Hence, I will not dwell on this because it is not worth lamenting over spilt milk. I feel sorry for these four Filipinas as well as all the rest who resort to being such deplorable parasites.

It is very complicated. What drives some Filipinas to behave dishonorably finds its root in a complex mixture of many elements with their impoverished life. A broken family, peer pressure, low education, poor home education and a culture that is filled with boastfulness and hypocrisy.

Ray of Hope

It was towards the end of 2013, at a point when I almost decided to quit on ever seeking a relationship with a Filipina that I met an unbelievable and irresistible Filipina.

(Pardon me from refraining to mention names and other specifics simply because people of whom I mention here are very much alive today. I do not wish to hurt anyone by doing so.)

This Filipina personifies all that the grand things that is said about Filipinas.

In a matter of two weeks, I proposed marriage and we met two months after her acceptance.

Against popular Filipino way of life, she abandoned her entire family for our marriage sanity. I did not influence her decision in any way. She knew that the persistent cadging for money and other assistance from her family would have destroyed our marriage. Till today, she has not contacted anyone in her family.

We did not waste time as we knew what we wanted most. By the grace of God, she bore me a beautiful and healthy baby girl.
We spend delightful days sharing time with our baby girl and the daily chores of home.

Our romance has not faltered and we trust each other unconditionally. Our love life needs no further explanation.

As Filipinos would say, "Hai nako!" meaning "What a life!", I have no complaints. We constantly remind each other, that it is the simple things in life that matter most.

Truth Be Told

Filipinas are just the same as women the World over if one talks about women, good or bad, of other nationalities, beliefs and cultures.

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Be Thankful
by: Ben

I hope you understand how fortunate you are to be married to a Filipina who has the good sense to let her family know that she will not allow them to destroy her marriage. Most Filipinas do just the opposite. They can't break free from their demanding family.

Filipinas are a nightmare
by: Anonymous

Yeah well, one doesn't hear the plain truth about European women, or the plain truth about American women.

Strong Woman
by: Anonymous

You say, "She knew that the persistent cadging for money and other assistance from her family would have destroyed our marriage." Indeed she knew, and she made a painful but wise decision for both of you. Continued blessings to you both and your child!

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