When I was in middle East, was fortunate to find a cute Pinay, she was working as a maid in a house hold. She was deprived of holidays, free time, not allowed to go out. However on Christmas, she managed few hours off & met me 1st time. We fell for each other. I told her about my marriage & she told her separation & kids.

We met for a movie & then we decided to have pvt time together during our next meet. She wanted me badly, but due to her work & no freedom from her employer, she stopped seeing me after couple of meets.

I will never forget her, hope she is reading this too.

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Never again ...
by: Enlightened

Pinays can be very good at scamming men for money.

The young girls if they are pretty see it as a monetary advantage.

They have huge egos and lie and deceive to at least 3 to 4 men at the same time.

Thats why they have 2,3, maybe even four phones and a computer.

They use different number and different sims in a dual sime phone at way to play multiple guys at the same time.

You can almost bet with mathematical certainty that they have more than one guy on the go at one time.

That's why the sometimes send you a message that does not fit that narrative.

Anything that sees strange indicates another guy either intermittently contacting them or contacting them at the same time.

if your cybering them sometimes they will chat to the other guy at the same time and say its a family member or a girlfriend, cousin etc.

Usually they will come out and say straight away that they have not money for school fees, not money for books, my mother is sick and needs a critical operation.

Sometimes its actually true but then they say it cost 1000 pesos when in fact it cost half that cost.

Also I found out later that my girl had three other guys and got that money out of all 3 of us.

same with medical you find out later that they increased the price two or 5 times depending on how brazen they feel.

every time I gave money they either lied for its use or lied about the cost of what it was.

Bus fares cost 200 pesos became 500 pesos.

Also she might say she take the aircon bus then take the normal bus which cost less.

she say shes a virgin later you notice how worn out she is.

Their age of consent is 12 years old which means a 21 year on can have sex with them if its consensual sex. if hes 1 year older hes in jail.

Strangely prostitutes are illegal regardless of age.

Some girls take the long scam by waiting till you arrive then hit you hard with all sorts of fabricated storys.

If you loan a girl money its a gift not a loan.

She will never pay it back.

You cant own real estate in Philippines which means after you buy her a house she dump you.

When your with her she'll disappear and root some other young boyfriend.

She will cry and seem genuinely upset but that's a trick.

Its does not matter how good you are to them.

They will always rip you off regardless of your kindness.

If you are good to them they lie about you and make up the most terrible lies to cover their own despicable lies.

My ex girl she broke down and cried because I was so good to her.

Said I was a bastard, a kuripot and a cheater yet I was and have always been a loyal guy.

I showered her with expensive gifts and money.

Very bad mistake they see kindness and genuine love and weakness to exploit.

Seriously guys dont get involved with them.

Marriage ? No. Insane.

Honey Trap
by: Anonymous

She most likely had another man or she found another man with lots of money. They are scammers and liars, with the exception of only a few.

Sacms Scams all the time
by: Anonymous

Since she will not see you again, she has found another money daddy.

The work thing all the time was most likely part of the scam because she had several other men going at the same time.

The entire Philippe's culture is a scam.

Young girls from birth are bread and trained to bring in a rich foreigner and marry, to support the rest of the family

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