Filipino Women

Part 3 -The Entrapment (The Snaring)

The Filipino women

Part 3 -The Entrapment (The Snaring)

The dictionary defines “entrapment” as the act of luring one into danger, difficulty or a compromising situation. No doubt that if one was to fall into the snare of the honey trap; one would sooner or later find oneself being in such a state.

This is exactly the predicament that Albert found himself in unintentionally in the end, for trusting Gidget.

As mentioned earlier in our first article of the honey trap series, most men who are thinking of settling down are not the “predator” type of character. This category of men tend to be more trusting of the opposite sex, because without trust in a relationship there is no basis for the relationship in the first place.

No enduring relationship can be built on a foundation of lies or deceit. Then again, the honey trap is not out looking for a long term relationship but rather one that can serve her , in this case a Filipino women, immediate financial or physical needs.

Having said that, it is difficult not to fall for the sob stories of a honey trap especially when her story is coupled with tears....she knows this and she has no qualms in taking full advantage of this weakness in her unsuspecting victims.

Once captivated by the honey trap, she will then proceed to ask for favours or help.

In Albert’s case, sensing that he was a better catch than the local thug R, this Filipino women then proceeded to dig her claws into him.

It all begins with the game of seduction through text messages or phone calls. All the time while she was showering her attention on Albert, she was still milking R for money.

When R found out what she was doing, it was a natural reaction on his part to be furious with Gidget. I think we can safely say that nobody, be it a man or woman would like to be taken for a ride and being made a fool of.

Because R was a gangster, he sent five carloads of his men to hunt Gidget down. Naturally as this Filipino women was an alien in a foreign country, she had no one to turn to for help, except Albert.

According to Albert, “This was one of the first red flags that I shouldn’t have ignored. Had I known that she was capable of being a two timing snake, I wouldn’t have bothered about her in the first place. But then the look of fear and anxiety on her face after knowing that R was hunting her really made me pity her. One of the principles in life that I always abide by is never to fool around with another man’s wife or girlfriend. And this principle has always kept me out of trouble with regards to relationships with the opposite sex. It is only with Gidget that I broken this principle unknowingly. That day, I had to drive around the city until 3am in the morning to look for a place to keep my Filipino women safe.”

In the end, only with the intervention of the police and the rule of law did R finally back off from Gidget.

“I wasn’t keen and proud of being Gidget’s knight in shining armour as I knew very well that the person at fault in this case was Gidget herself for creating the situation with her deceits. It was only because she is considered a guest in my country, even though she was working illegally and the fact that she is a woman that I helped her out of pity. Furthermore, I couldn’t bear the thought of 20 men trying to teach her a lesson. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to wash my hands of her. What kind of lesson the gangsters were going to teach her I will leave to your imagination....” said Albert.

This was the beginning of a series of incidents that this Filipino women brought into the life of Albert, that eventually lead to his downfall in his social network and career.

In the next instalment of the Entrapment article (The Guilt) we will cover more of the other related incidents that had an impact on the lives of these two individuals.

We brought the aspects of these incidents up to illustrate two points:
  • The unsuspecting victims of the honey trap usually have no idea what he is getting himself into until it is too late.
  • The honey trap herself will go to almost any lengths to get what she wants regardless of whether it is principally or morally right.

    In short, she is not sportsman like. She will not play fair with you. Cheating and lying is the norm for her as there are no other ways she can convince others to believe in her.

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