Filipina GRO - The Meet & The Hook Up

The Filipina GRO

Part 2 - The Meet and the Hook Up

Someone once quoted that “When Honey flows From the Mouth, the Pain in the Heart Usually Follow Suit“.

Wise man saying or a victim of seduction...we will never know as the author of that quote is unknown. If you think that you are immune to the seductive sweet words of a woman, think again.

Read about the man who vowed never to get emotionally involved with a Filipina GRO and still ended being hooked by a very cunning and calculative Filipina GRO.

Learn from this real life story of how this particular Filipina GRO executed her moves to gain the trust of her victim and turned it against him. You might be surprised to find that there might be some similarities to the Filipina that you are courting with on the internet to the guy who was taken to the cleaners by the Filipina honey trap.

Before we start to dwell deeper into the second instalment of the honey trap series, we would like to quantify that the articles in the honey trap series are not meant to generalize Filipinas but rather to relate the experiences of a particular individual who has come across what many other men have gone through but left unsaid. The primary character in this story, Albert, hopes that by relating his own personal experiences, others may learn and avoid the same hardship that he has personally gone through. It is no fun to be in a penniless, friendless state and alone in a foreign country.

In our previous article, we were talking about the types of character of the guys coming here to look for their future partner in life. In the mind of every man, there exists an ideal form of woman that every man aspires to marry. Some of us are lucky and get to meet that idealized woman and this is where the personification of the ideal Filipina comes into being.

This is also where the danger lies. Albert himself like most guys also has that mental picture of what his ideal partner in life should be like. The honey trap is hardly any guy’s ideal partner in life. Nevertheless, the honey trap has, one unique ability, that puts her ahead of everyone else. Like a chameleon, she is able to camouflage her true self and project herself as any man’s ideal woman.

The irony is that although Albert frequented the club that Gidget used to work at, he didn’t meet her until they were both introduced by a mutual acquaintance. It never occurred to Albert that Gidget knew precisely who he was and to this day, he still wonders if the meeting was purposely setup to introduce Gidget to him. For some men, they are drawn towards the physical beauty of a woman while others like Albert finds intelligent women more attractive. When a person has both guile and beauty, the combination of physical beauty and cunning really makes a honey trap like Gidget truly dangerous for the uninitiated in the game of dating. To Albert, prima facie, Gidget, the Filipina GRO seemed to be a very intelligent person. What caught his attention was a remark that Gidget made when he asked her what is so different about her from the rest of the Filipina GROs that he had met before. Her answer was “it’s not who you do it with but rather how you do it.”

Having drawn the attention of Albert, It was through the facade of innocence that Gidget managed to entrap Albert into trusting her. This facade was bolstered with tear jerking stories of hardships,...stories of having to fend for 3 kids, no work at home and a materialistic family. Cloaked in half truth, it is difficult to discern what is real and what is make believe. The story about her family being unwilling to help her and forcing her to become a prostitute is particularly heart wrenching. Any man with any inkling of moral conscience can’t help but feel sympathy for her. In reality, the truth couldn’t be further away from the picture that Gidget painted about her own mother, a 58 year old lady still struggling to earn enough to put her 3 grand kids through school.

The basic modus operandi of a honey trap is initially to elicit sympathy for her situation. Once she has your attention, she will crank up the juice to gain your trust. If you are immune to her sob stories, she will then move on to another guy who will listen to her and fall for her trap. In our next instalment of the honey trap series, “The Entrapment”, we will learn the particular tactics applied by this particular honey trap on her victims. So stay tuned. You get to learn a few things on how to avoid being in such a similar situation.

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