Filipino Phrases

When you are lucky enough to visit countries other than your own, the best way to really immerse yourself in the culture and traditions is to try to learn a few words of the local languages.

To learn a few Filipino phrases will endear yourself to the local population. Quite simply they will love you for trying, even if you get the pronunciation wrong it will not matter because you have made an effort.

To assist you with learning some Filipino phrases I have put together a useful list that will help you and enrich your travel within the Philippines.

Useful Filipino Phrases


English                            Filipino
Hello                            Mabuhay
Goodbye                            Paalam
Good Morning                            Magandang Umaga
Good afternoon                            Magandang Hapon
Good night                            Magandang Gabii

Transport / Getting Around

English                            Filipino
Where is the....?                            Nasaan ho ang….?
Bus                            Bus
Taxi                            Taksi
Boat                            Bapor
Car                            Karo
Ferry                            Badeo
Plane                            Eroplno
Train                            Tren


English                            Filipino
Left                            Kaliwa
Right                            Kanan
Front                            Harap
Back                            Likod
Stop                            Paghinto
Go                            Tumungo
Up                            Taas
Down                            Baba


English                            Filipino
How are you?                            Kumasta?
How many?                            Ilán?
How much?                            Magkano? (money)
What?                            Ano?
Where?                            Saan?
Who?                            Sino?
When?                            Kailan?
Why?                            Bakit?
How?                            Paano?
Which?                            Alin?


English                            Filipino
Yes                            Oo
No                            Hindi
Thank you                            Salamat
Please                            Paki
Okay                            Sige
Your welcome                            Walang Anuman
Wait please                            Hintay


English                            Filipino
Zero                            Wala
One                            Isa
Two                            Dalawa
Three                            Tatlo
Four                            Apat
Five                            Lima
Six                            Anim
Seven                            Pito
Eight                            Walo
Nine                            Siyam
Ten                            Sampu


English                            Filipino
To eat                            Pagkain
Hungry                            Gutom
Chicken                            Manok
Pork                            Baboy
Beef                            Carne
Fish                            Isda
Soup                            Sabaw / Sopas
Rice                            Bigas / Kanin
Vegetables                            Gulay
Bread                            Tinapay
Noodles                            Pansit
Cheese                            Keso
Eggs                            itlog
Milk                            Gatas
Water                            Tubig
Ice                            Yelo
Beer                            Serbesa
Coffee                            Kape
Tea                            Tsa


English                            Filipino
Hot                            Mainit
Cold                            Malamig
Delicious                            Masarap
Beautiful                            Maganda
Handsome                            Guwapo
Ugly                            Pangit
Expensive                            Mahal
Cheap                            Mura
Big                            Malaki
Small                            Maliit
More                            Kaunti
Less                            Tama na
House                            Bahay
Money                            Pera

Days of the Week

English                            Filipino
Monday                            Lunes
Tuesday                            Martes
Wednesday                            Miyerkoles
Thursday                            Huwebes
Friday                            Biyernes
Saturday                            Sabado
Sunday                            Linggo

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