About the Philippines Video, will it convince you to come?

This video about the Philippines was created by a Research Student at the Tokyo University - Christopher J Belmonte.

About the Philippines video is a collection of some of the most breathtaking images in the Philippines, his patriotism shines, nothing wrong with someone being proud of where they have come from.

The video about the Philippines starts off with some tourist brochure quality images, it goes on and targets specific places such as Manila, in particular the world famous sunset, Roxas Boulevard, Manila Bay and other places. There are also some shots of the Shopping Malls in Manila.

From Manila you move on to, where else but, Boracay. About the Philippines video then captures the white sandy beaches, restaurants, sand carvings and sailing boats.

The Philippines video then moves to Camiguin and shows the rainforest meeting the ocean as well as waterfalls, then off to the Banaue Rice Terraces.

You then get a great image of the Chocolate Hills in Bohol.

The video, About the Philippines finishes with some images of the Philippine culture, Festivals, as well as cuisine.

I enjoyed the collection of images put together my an obvious patriot.

About the Philippines (4.38)

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