Shark Cave, Puerto Galera Video

If you love diving, then the Philippines is a place that will not let you down. Here are a couple of videos of the Shark Cave in Puerto Galera, one of the better dives, just round the corner from the Canyons.

The diving diversity in Puerto Galera is pretty impressive. Below are two videos of the Shark Cave, Puerto Galera

They are both short and well worth a look. The actual shark cave is not very big, you have to kneel down on the sand outside the cave and peer in, quite often the trick is to stay still and let the shark or sharks come to you so they can move around freely without you chasing them.

If you ever wondered if a light underwater makes any difference these two videos will put your mind at rest. The first video show a shark in the spotlight of probable five or six divers illuminating the shark, looks like a bit of a laser show. But what really stands out is the colour of the soft corals on the roof of the cave and the fish.

The second video is a little longer but shows a number of the white tip reef sharks. They are closer to the entrance and are a lot more active and the video gets a lot closer to them. But what is more startling to me is if you compare the two videos and see what a huge difference the torch lights make they literally make the video come to life.

Either way they both show you what to expect at Puerto Galera's Shark Cave, yes you guessed it sharks. No false claims here.

Shark Cave Puerto Galera (1:00)

Shark Cave (2:57)

Have a look here for information on how to get to Puerto Galera and here for information on Puerto Galera.

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