Surfing Bagasbas Daet Video

I have written about surfing in Daet so when I found this surfing Bagasbas Beach, which is in Daet I thought it would be good to show you. After all words can only do so much, actually seeing the spot is far better.

This surfing Bagasbas Daet video shows how popular this beach has become and not just with surfers but also families.

The surf at Bagasbas Beach comes out of the Pacific Ocean as it faces east, it is a lively swell that breaks on the sand banks surrounding the beach. A great place to learn to surf and during the typhoon season some great waves for the experienced.

Surfing Bagasbas (3:22)

Even though the surfing is inconsistent throughout the Philippines, somehow you always manage to get some kind of wave at Bagasbas Beach in Daet, it might not always be a good wave, but never the less, a wave it is.

Enjoy the video.

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Feedback is always welcome, if you have a favourite surfing spot you would like to share, or some photos or even some video footage let me know below, just type away......

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