Philippines Video a senior comes to paradise, his bravery is unquestioned.

Watch and listen to this video about a most incredible man.

This Philippines video A senior comes to paradise, describes how and why an 84 year old man chooses the Philippines as his retirement setting. The video was taken almost twelve months after Chuck arrived for the first time in the Philippines. You will never guess what his first opinion on arrival was!

Chuck has a resume that most people can only shake their head in wonder, a retired Assistant Attorney General of California and the US Ambassador to Niger, this 84 year old has lived a most remarkable life.

I won't ramble on too much more, it's best you enjoy it for yourself, your feedback would be most welcome, you can contact me here.

Be warned though, it is nearly 20 minutes of footage, but it is a truly special interview of a senior who comes to paradise and Chuck is as sharp as a tack!

My thanks for permission to use his video must go to the interviewer, Jerry Lames at PLIP (Philippine Living Island Paradise). Jerry had the foresight to collect this remarkable mans adventure on tape. Well done and thank you Jerry.

Philippines Video - A senior comes to Philippines (18.35) - Jerry Lames

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