Siargao Surfing is high quality!

Where is Siargao?

Siargao surfing is an island off the north eastern tip of Mindanao, which is in the south east of the Philippine Archipelago.

The eastern coastline faces directly out into the Pacific Ocean. Just off Siargao Island lies the Philippine Trench which gets to a depth of 10,057 metres! So you can imagine what happens when the swell hits the island.

How do I get to Siargao Surfing?

Siargao is approximately 800 kilometres south east of Manila, with many islands in between.

From Manila take a plane to Mactan Airport in Cebu. From Cebu you have two options:
1. You can take another flight from Cebu to Siargao via Tandag with South East Asian Airlines. Have a look here for flights and schedules.

2. The other option is to catch the Supercat ferry from Cebu to Surigao (which is on mainland Mindanao) this will take about four hours. Depending on what time you arrive, you can either stay overnight or link up with another ferry, which will take you from Surigao to Dapa on Siargao Island. This will take you about two hours.

For more information on ferry services have a look here.


Siargao surfing is known throughout the world as a first class quality break. Which is reflected in the fact that Siargao surfing now has an International competition every October.

The season here starts in August but really pumps from September/October through to about March. This coincides with the northwestern monsoon and the high frequency of typhoons in the Pacific Ocean during this time.

If you want to see what the surfing is like at Siargao, have a look here at this video.

Some world class breaks in Siargao include:

Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine has put Philippines surf on the world directory, it is a high quality wave for experienced surfer only. It is predominantly a right-hander but does have a small left as well. The wave itself is hollow and extremely powerful reef break, if you get it wrong you will land on the shallow reef. Cloud Nine can get to over three metres.

Stimpy’s is a left-hander for all the goofy’s out there. It can be a quite long ride following the reef into a small bay. Accessible only by boat, worth the effort though.

Jacking Horse
This is a wave that jacks up out of the blue and hits the reef with a fair bit of vengeance. Once past the reef it reforms on the inside of the reef to produce a nice right-hander. Good wave from about one metre up.

This is a goofy footers dream wave. A quality left hander that rides long. A beautiful barrel, located north of Pilar.

Rock Island
For a wave to test your ability look know further than Rock Island. This right-hander breaks on a rocky reef wrapping around a small rock island. It is fast, hollow and an extremely long ride.

There are numerous other breaks that work during the season, like elsewhere in the Philippines, if you do a little exploring you may find your own perfect break.

Where do I stay?

There are a number of resorts dotting the east coast of Siargao Island all geared for the tourist with particular attention to the surfer.

Two places highly recommended include:

Patrick’s on the Beach
They have cottages and a camping ground, with restaurant and you can even rent a surf board.
Tel.: +63 920 402 4356

Sagana Surf Resort
Located directly in front of Cloud 9, for nice easy access. They have six cottages with a mixture of air conditioning and fans.
Te.: +63 919 809 5769

Also for a bit of luxury try:

Pansukian Tropical Resort
This resort will not disappoint you!

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