Philippines Visa, how long can you stay?

Philippines Visa

What do I need to do to obtain a visa?

Do you know how long you can stay without a visa Philippines?

How long can I extend my Philippines Visa?

What is the maximum time I can stay with a Philippine Visa?

These questions and more, are answered in detail below. Whether you are staying for a few weeks or a number months, the information you need to obtain a Philippine Visa and to extend a Philippine Visa is right here.

What do I need to do to obtain a visa?

1. Firstly like everything you need to complete the paper work. I can here you cringe already.

2. You must have a valid passport with at least six (6) months currency beyond you proposed stay in the Philippines.

3. One passport size photo, no older than six (6) months with your signature fixed to it.

4. Photocopies of your onwards airline ticket or travel arrangements in the form of an itinerary>

5. I almost forgot, the relevant processing and transaction fees, which will vary depending on where you apply, either in the Philippines or at a local consulate.

How long can you stay without a visa Philippines?

A Philippines Visa is not required if you are staying in the country for short visits up to twenty one (21) days.For visits longer than twenty one (21) days are Philippine Visa is required.

The most common way visitors obtain a Philippines Visa is to arrive in the Philippines, mostly by air, without a visa. You are then issued with a twenty one (21) day visa, which will cost you absolutely nothing. If you do obtain a visa prior to entering the Philippines then ensure you make the customs officials aware otherwise they will automatically issue a twenty one (21) days Philippine Visa.

How long can I extend my Philippine Visa?

Philippines Visas can be extended beyond the free twenty one (21) days by applying either to the Philippine Embassy in your Country fo a Philippines Visa or by applying to the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs – 2330 Roxas Boulevard, Passay City in Metro Manila. The initial visa Philippine extension is 59 days and you can keep renewing your visa for a maximum of twelve (12) months, however in some instances a six (6) month extension may only be give.

One way to extend if you are traveling and are unable to physically extend your visa is to leave your passport with a local travel agent. For a fee they will arrange for the necessary extension to be completed. This is by far and away the most convenient method.

Please ensure that you do not overstay your Philippine Visa. The officials are very strict a take a dim view of overstaying. If you do you have seven (7) days to leave the country and you passport will be stamped making it known.

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