Philippine Tarsier, smaller than you thought possible.

What is a Philippine Tarsier Monkey?

The Philippine Tarsier and the Tarsier in general is believed to be the world’s smallest monkey.

Calling the Philippine tarsier a monkey is bit wrong as it is neither a monkey nor a primate. It falls somewhere in between.To get an idea as to the size of this Tarsier, try to remember that the Philippine Tarsier is about the size of a rat. The Tarsier weighs somewhere between 60 and 160 grams and is between 90 and 165mm in height.

This cute little Philippine Tarsier Monkey will fit very comfortably in your hand. Being nocturnal hunters, the Tarsier has huge eyes which are just perfect for night vision and has oversized ears, any movement will be heard. Another unique characteristic the Tarsier has, is the ability to swivel it’s head 180 degrees, pretty clever little things.

The scientific name or Latin name is Tarsius Syrichta. It has brownie grey fur and a bald tale which is about twice as long as its body.

Philippine Tarsier habitat

It lives in the lowland and coastal forests, coming out at night to hunt small insects, birds, bats and reptiles. It keeps itself hidden amongst the branches of trees which is where it lives. During the day the Philippine Tarsier will sleep in hollowed out logs or branches in the trees which it lives.

The Tarsier has an enormous capacity to jump, in some instances up to three metres, they are able to do this because they have special tarsal bones which are elongated. This is how the Tarsier got its name. This ability to jump large distances helps the Philippine Tarsier to move from tree to tree without having to leave the tree and cross the ground, where danger may lurk.

Where is the Philippine tarsier monkey found?

In the Philippines the Philippine Tarsier can be found in decreasing number on the islands of Bohol, Leyte, Mindanao and Samar. Not surprising these islands lie back to back trailing each other down the east coast of the Philippines Archipelago.The Tarsier species is considered endangered, with a decreasing habitat due to deforestation and the fact that it does not take to well to captivity, the management of the survival of the Philippine Tarsier is as important as ever.

The Philippine Tarsier Foundation Inc.

The Philippine Tarsier Foundation Inc. was established in 1996 to conserve, promote, research and establish a sanctuary for the Philippine Tarsier. By doing so the foundation is attempting to bring tourism in an eco friendly way to the Philippine Tarsier.

The sanctuary was established on the island of Bohol, in the municipalities of Corella and Sikatuna, less than 20 kilometres from the capital Tagbiliran.

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