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The Philippines Guide, Issue #002 -- teaser here
May 13, 2010

The Philippines Guide, Issue # 003 -- Got a Question?

The Philippines Guide, April 2010

Uncovering Endless Philippine Travel Possibilities

This Philippines Guide, updates you with real travel information on the Philippines. All the information is first hand, tried and tested, so you know it is real.

We cover everything that is Philippines orientated, from retirement to hotel reviews, from surfing to scuba diving to dating.You name it is on the website.
1) Honey Trap Series - Part 2 The Meet & The Hook Up

TSomeone once quoted that “When Honey flows From the Mouth, the Pain in the Heart Usually Follows Suit.“ Is this a wise mans saying or a victim of seduction...we will never know as the author of is unknown.

If you think that you are immune to the seduction of the sweet words of a woman, think again.

Read about a man who vows to never get emotionally involved with a Filipina GRO, but still ends up being hooked by a cunning and calculating Filipina GRO.

Learn from this real life story of how this particular Filipina GRO executed her moves to gain the trust of her victim and turn it against him.

You might be surprised, as there maybe some similarities to the Filipina you are courting right now on the internet, to the guy who was taken to the cleaners by a honey trap.

You can read about The Meet & Hook Up here......

2) Questions & Answers

Still going strong. If you haven't seen the amazing variety of questions and the detailed response and answers, you better have a look.

Don't forget to ask a question or request a review of a location, hotel or area, we will gladly have a look and advise you.

You can read previous questions and answers and also ask new ones here......

All of you take care,
Brett and the team

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