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    Just another big city, only dirtier

    The people have been corralled up into places called squatters areas, these people own no land and are allowed to live so close like sardines in a can,

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    I Found A Wonderful Filipina Woman

    I met Mira on Filipina Cupid 5 1/2 years ago. I was struck by her physical beauty (naturally) and started to chat her up. I was recovering from a broken

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    Madly in love with filipina

    I am a 55 year old Aussie divorced after 20 years of marriage to an Aussie girl and I have 3 girls from that marriage. I have been traveling to the

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    Lying and Manipulating Filipinos

    I am married to a Filipina, and I know personally that some of them are very clever and skilled liars. Her whole family manipulated me and convinced

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    How not to be offloaded in Manila?

    Hi good day, i just want to ask, 3years before i have a visit visa to dubai uae, my sponsor is my second cousin but according to naia immigration second

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    Manila Kalesa ride is a RIP OFF!

    In front of Luneta park, we asked a kalesa guy how much the ride will be, he then handed us a picture with 5 different destinations and the guy said 350.

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    Good thing about cockfighting

    It started from my great grand parents. We have a blood line of loving and breeding this kind of gamefowl, it is our passion and love to care and breed

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    When I was in middle East, was fortunate to find a cute Pinay, she was working as a maid in a house hold. She was deprived of holidays, free time, not

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    StayCity Booking Service

    StayCity Booking Service Against all my advice, my Chinese associate – who imposed themselves on my holiday to the Philippines and insisted on doing the

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    Filipino culture of corruption

    I went back to the Philippines to start a business. From the moment you get into the airport, the lying and scamming begins. This is especially true of

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