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    Malate Bayview Tower

    This building, which is on Adriatico Street next to Remedios Circle, has apartments for rent at around 1500-2500 php a day depending on size and view.

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    Two timing Filipino

    For 6 years I gave her money to feed her 5 kids but all she ever wanted was citizenship because I was still married, that was not going to happen, so she

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    Sabang's 'empty' bars

    If you are a single Caucasian tourist interested in drinking in bars where there are bar girls you can forget about visiting Sabang's bars. They are completely

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    Pagay (Rice) festival

    Pagay is the first festival to be ever established in the history of Alicia. The thanksgiving of the people and love for celebration were the bases for

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    Business trip fling in Philippines turns psycho pregnant home wrecker

    I hooked up with her on a month-long business trip, she was 18 and worked in the hotel. I was horny and she was hot and willing. Cut a long story short

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    My stay in Cebu

    I was in Cebu in April of 2017 and had a wonderful time.. I went there to see my girlfriend and was there for 2 weeks. I stayed at the Quest Hotel and

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    Just another big city, only dirtier

    The people have been corralled up into places called squatters areas, these people own no land and are allowed to live so close like sardines in a can,

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    I Found A Wonderful Filipina Woman

    I met Mira on Filipina Cupid 5 1/2 years ago. I was struck by her physical beauty (naturally) and started to chat her up. I was recovering from a broken

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    Madly in love with filipina

    I am a 55 year old Aussie divorced after 20 years of marriage to an Aussie girl and I have 3 girls from that marriage. I have been traveling to the

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    Lying and Manipulating Filipinos

    I am married to a Filipina, and I know personally that some of them are very clever and skilled liars. Her whole family manipulated me and convinced

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