Business trip fling in Philippines turns psycho pregnant home wrecker

by Anders
(Hong Kong)

I hooked up with her on a month-long business trip, she was 18 and worked in the hotel. I was horny and she was hot and willing. Cut a long story short we did it almost every day for a month.

I was pretty generous with gifts of money, but she knew all along this was just my bit of fun, to end when I returned home. It was unprotected sex, I just assumed she was on the pill.

Six months later she turns up OUTSIDE MY F***ING HOUSE, belly swollen, demanding money to support "our child". I wanted her away before my wife saw so I agreed to pay up.

Now I'm sending US$1,000 every month to the bitch. I don't even get to bed her. If I stop paying she'll confront my wife and wreck my marriage and family. I'm scared that as her son gets older she'll extort even more money.

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