Wild On E! Philippines Part 5 - Blowing Bubbles....

Wild on E! Philippines is a series of 7 Philippine Travel Videos.

This is part 5 of the 7 episodes, it is hosted by Brooke Burke and Kristin Malia.

Wild On E! Philippines stays on Boracay for episode 5. Kristin Malia goes scuba diving at the Blue lagoon, which is a dive site off Boracay. I don't recommend going to Boracay for scuba diving though, if you want to see some great places in the Philippines for diving have a look here.

Now after the scuba dive video, she heads for a day Spa. I'm sure you ladies out there will be agreeing that nothing beats some pampering and relaxation and watching the massage on the Boracay video, I wish I was there.

Episode 5 of Wild on Philippines finishes with.....wait for it.....yes you guessed some nightlife.

The girls visit Club Bazzura for some late night clubbing.

Wild On E! Philippines Part 5 (5.52)


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