Where to meet at NAIA?

by candy sabas

I want to know places inside the Manila airport so my man can find me there easily; like if you can give me a name of a coffee shop there that is known and with only one branch inside the airport so we can meet there.

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Pick up meeting spots at Manila Airport
by: Brett

Hi Candy,

Unless you have an outbound airline ticket and a passport you will not be able to enter the Nino Aquino International Airport.

If you are picking him up by car then the easiest way to meet him would be for him to cross the street as he exits the airport. He will walk down a ramp, at the bottom of the ramp there are a number of signs with the letter of the alphabet on them.

This is the pick-up area he would need to go to. It is here where he would need to stand, by the sign with his designated letter and wait for you to pick him up.

Another option is, if you are staying at a hotel, they quite often have a pick-up service which is normally extremely convenient....Brett

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