Me and my family's trip to Corregidor Island?

by Alrom Christian Ricafuente
(Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines)

My namen is Alrom Christian Ricafuente and I am from Aklan. Me and my family went to Corregidor Island last December 2008 and the trip was great.

All I can say about the tour guides were absolutely outstanding because all what they say are in details, just like the history books I've read. Everything is in details.

There are a lot of historical sites in Corregidor. These were the sites that me and my family seen:

1) The Malinta Tunnel: This tunnel was created by the American and Filipino Soldiers before the Japanese forces invade Philippines. This serves as Barracks and clinics for American and Filipino Soldiers. The name "Malinta" came from the Filipino word which means, "Full of Leeches."

2) Mile Long Barrack: This is one of the Barracks built in Corregidor. The notable feature of this barrack is it one mile length.

3) Japanese Garden of Peace: This garden reminds of peace between Japan, USA, and Philippines.

4) Pacific War Memorial: This serves as memoirs of Americans and Filipinos who died in action.

There are more to see and the ones I've posted are some of it.

If you are interested in Philippine History, this is a must-see.

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