Manila Kalesa ride is a RIP OFF!

by Queen

In front of Luneta park, we asked a kalesa guy how much the ride will be, he then handed us a picture with 5 different destinations and the guy said 350.

My husband asked again and again "350 lahat na?" The guy said YES! (We thought how cheap it was).

We just went to 3 different places. After the ride, he took us to a place where we had to pay we handed the guy 400 pesos, the guy said "kulang" (confused) he then asked us for 2,100 pesos. He explained that it's 350php per person, per 30min. He insisted that he was clear to us.

If he specifically said that from the beginning we wouldn't have ridden the darn thing. I think we are more educated to understand 350 pesos (period) he didn't even say "per person" Mga manloloko! We got it on video and we have a picture of the kalesa guy.

How can we not pay when he took us to a shady corner with shady looking guys around staring. Parang na hold up feeling namin.

GIVE THEM A CHART WITH SPECIFIC PICTURES and PRICES! They are taking advantage of people. I've read so many things about this. DO SOMETHING!

His horse name is RAMBO

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