by Mark


I think my visa has been expired for the past 3-4 months. My passport is Indian, but I came from Canada as a Canadian immigrant.

Unfortunately, business isn't doing too good so I haven't been able to fork up the 40-50,000PHP that I'm supposed to fork up for the late fee and the extension of the visa.

Someone is willing to pay for a round trip ticket to Iloilo City, but I'm not sure if I can go due to this visa status.

This is not a leisure trip either. It's supposed to help me get back up on my feet as I'm going there to show an item I have for sale which will help me out.

Any help would be very very very appreciated.

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Replies to Sunil and Brett
by: Mark

Hi Sunil,

That's exactly what I heard. The extension and the penalty would cost be upwards of 20,000PHP. Unfortunately, I've hit rock bottom due to a big mistake in my BPO company I set out to create here and so even the 20k looks like a huge amount to me. Which is why I've been putting it off.

Thank you for your comment.

Hi Brett,

Thank you for your comment as well. It's a regular visit visa that was initially granted for 1 month. The only thing though, is that when I arrived here.. (around christmas) the immigration officer at the airport said "I've left you a surprise in your passport" to which I said "Nothing that'll take me to Mindanao without explanation I hope" and he said something like I've given you an extra month.. but it wasn't clear if he meant I could re-enter the Phils if I need to go back (since it was a single entry visa), or if he meant I can stay an extra month.

But you're right, it might suck to take a flight and be chastised if they ask for the passport and the visa is expired. FML.

Hope you have another comment that might steer me towards a helpful way. :)


Visa Cost
by: Sunil

I'm also from India, lived in the Philippines for two years. I love it. Philippines is really cool.

I had similar issue for not extending visa, but the immigration officer only penalized me 500 PHP per month.

So for three - four month besides regular fee of 3500 to 4000 you add 500 extra so it won't be more than 18 to 20,000.

Philippine Visa extension
by: Brett

Hi Mark,

Normally for domestic flights, you do not need to show your passport to board a plane.

All that is required is a photo ID to verify your identity.

Having said that, it can be risky as you never know if the immigration officer there decides to check your passport. After all, this is the Philippines.

By the way, what kind of visa are you holding? Normal tourist visa extension should not cost you that much. I think it should work out around to 25k only for a year extension unless your fixer is taking a huge cut from your predicament.

Let me know if you need any help on the visa extension...Brett

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