Visa to Phillippines - document requirements.

If I have been deputed by my office in Mumbai, India to work for my branch office in Philippines for 3 months, what documents do I need to submit to Consulate of Philippines in Mumbai for me to get Visa to Philippines.

I had given following documents to Consulate in Mumbai.

Would the following documents suffice for consulate to issue Visa to me for Phillippines.

1.Passport valid for six months from the date of travel
2. One recent color photographs 2 inch x 2inch with white back ground, affixed in the visa application form and signed half on the form and half on the photographs. visa form duly filled and signed by me. (the form has to be back to back only and a clear copy)
4. covering letter from the company on the Indian company letterhead in original (Entire itinerary with travel dates mentioned in covering letter)
5. Invitation letter Addressing to Philippines Consulate from Philippines on company letter head.
6. Confirmed air tickets with two copies.
7. Income tax copies for last 3 years, last 6 months bank statement
9. Salary slip sfor last 3 months and
10. Appointment letter
11. Foreign Exchange Duly Endorsed / Valid International Credit Card Copy.

Thanks and regards

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