Two timing Filipino

by Daler
(Melbourne )

For 6 years I gave her money to feed her 5 kids but all she ever wanted was citizenship because I was still married, that was not going to happen, so she decided to go to her sister house where they had lined a guy up for her.

She stayed there 3 months with him, watch out when they call you baby, the he trip to her sister was not a success, he went cold on her maybe the 5 kids put him off but there was another man waiting in the wings.

So all I can say about a fhillipina is they are taught to be that way they can lie though there teeth so be careful of them never think it just you, be careful if your on the internet they say would.

Yes they will do anything to get citizenship, they have many Facebook accounts to entrapment to begin.

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by: Anonymous

If you are going to marry in the Philippines, marry some Chinese-Filipina.

They seem to be a little less dissolute than the average Pinai.

A) They don't have 7 kids.
B) They brothers & family have their own businesses so you don't have support a barangay.
C) They don't tend to cling to failed relationships.
D) They are less likely to have a history of shabu addiction.
E) They are less likely to have worked in a blowjob bar.
F) When a relationship is over a Chinese-Filipina will just cut you off. No more issues.

Many Are Scammers
by: Ben

You have to be extra cautious. They know how to lie and scam.

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