I have a four year old U.S. citizen nephew (on my wife’s side) born here in Illinois but now living in the Philippines since 2006.

His mom is now a U.S. citizen that lives in Sacramento, CA and the dad still lives in the Philippines.

The dad, my brother-in-law, is being petitioned right now by his wife which is my four year old nephew’s mom (on my wife’s side, her sister-in-law).

My mother-in-law, the grandmother, flew to the Philippines to bring back my nephew here in the states with the permission of both parents. My nephew has overstayed his welcome in the Philippines.

Does he have dual citizenship during the time that he was born, that both of his parents were Filipino citizens and his dad still is?

What is the process of my mother-in-law to bring back my nephew here to the states?

What kind of forms do they need to present it to the Philippines Immigration or the U.S. Embassy there? Do they need to pay for my nephew’s overstay in the Philippines?

Those are questions that I would hope to hear back from you.

Thank you for the time to read this and to hopefully reply back.

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