tourist safety in manila and western samar

by blair

I will be in manila on thursday evening.

I just was wondering how safe should i feel there?

I know this is a loaded question and i have heard my safety is far greater at risk in places like toronto canada or new york. But Is there anything i should expect.

I have read that I WILL be robbed at every opportunity given to some people there.

I will not be dressing flashy and will only be carrying enough cash on hand as needed.

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Philippine Alert!
by: Anonymous

Simple way to enjoy the Philippines:

1. Dont go out late without a known native residence of the country.
2. Never give money to pan handlers including children as they are being operated by criminals.
3. Dont get drunk when you go out at night as you are more vulnerable to get Rob very easy.
4. Don't trust taxi drivers without visible company taxi contact number or name as taxi drivers as well rob passenger by operating with another group.
5. Women! Do not go out alone! never ride a taxi alone Day or Night as rape and robbery are also an issue.
6. Keep as less as possible of cash and distributed it in different pockets, Don't us a purse if possible.
7. Do not let anyone get near you when going to ATM machine as they are people who can memorise your pin number easily and follow you to rob you of your ATM card after.
8. Blend with the people around you, dont get too much attention as possible, if your an obvious tourist by skin color Just be aware of people approaching you, BE CAUTIOUS AT ALL TIME!

by: Anonymous

I am a native of Samar, people are friendly and can understand simple English just say it slowly, just be careful with your valuables, don't wear real jewelries, and don't pick up money on the road especially if your pocket is at the back, this is one pick pocketeers smart way to get your wallet. Don't ever get drunk and please if you'll stay longer go to the nearest Police station let them know that you are staying in that location from which date, you'll be safer this way. Don't go out with Prostitutes they might have aids which is already rampant in our place. Eat in a descent restaurant, poisoning and putting some sleeping pills in your food is also something to avoid. Be sure that the person who invited you is a good citizen of that place. Investigate first!

Pick Pocketing
by: Kurt

Be aware of small groups of kids coming up to you and handling you and asking for money while they go into your pockets for what ever they can get.

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