Taxes on my U.S. Social Security and pensions in Philippines

by Leo
(Texas, U.S.)

My name is Leo. I am an American looking to retire overseas as the U.S. is very expensive and feminist.

Does the Philippines tax off-shore income, such as my U.S. SS or pensions?

Also, my wife hates hurricanes (typhoons) and I am coming to realize there are a lot of typhoons hitting the islands. Is this true?

I would appreciate a speedy answer, as most webs I've contacted don't answer me. It would be courteous and real if you do.

Yours, Leo

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Typhoons in philippines
by: tb

About the typhoons, Luzon and central visayas get pounded. There is a city high in the mountains of Luzon called Baguio, it is the cool place, the people from Manila go there to escape the summer heat.

Going to Cebu and Mindanao, typhoons rarely reach that far, i would think the most typhoons cause problems on the Pacific side in the southern visayas. But in the same light, the typhoons bring deep flooding, maybe not have the high winds, but could have tons of flooding. Just look for a place to live on higher ground. The philippine government has built a database of landslide and flood prone areas, i recommend you look.

Thanks for the tax info, that was worrying me.

typhoons in the philippines
by: Brett

Hi Leo,

My apologies for the delayed response. I was tied up with some personal matters before I got the chance to look through your questions.

About taxation, no, the Philippines government does not tax off shore income like your pension.

With regard to typhoons, yes it's true. It's a seasonal affair from May to November. More prevalent in some areas than others


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