Staying in the Philippines

by Someguy

Here are some tips you won't find anywhere else!

Drink distilled water that is sealed in a bottle from a major store like 7/11, the mall, or a large grocery store. Water in a bottle can easily be fake with the cap put back on. You may think you can tell, but you cannot. Any other source of water even the water in mcdonalds used to make the soft drinks can make you sick. Any drinks in a sealed bottle purchased from a large chain store is your safest bet, and have never made me sick. Pineapple juice in a sealed metal can is fine just clean the top real good.

Fruits, and vegetables are of course washed in the local water. Fruit is usually ok if it has a cover like a banana. Vegetables, and fruits often have various worms inside so pay attention, and eat slowly. Make sure you boil or completely cook any vegetables or fruits if you eat the skin part. I have had the best luck/least nausea with fruits/vegetables purchased from puregold grocery stores.

Avoid any and all meat unless it comes from fresh options meat shop, or Brettos deli if you want to cook for yourself. Both places are very clean. If you eat out then stick to the fast food places for meat. Some of the more expensive hotels are probably ok, but I cannot vouch for them.

Under no circumstance should you eat food found in any of the bars here ever! If you seen the kitchens in some of these places you would understand. Even the girls who work in the bar won't eat it.

Even if you are starving, or about to pass out from dehydration stick to the advice above. Start carrying food and water around with you if needed. And have fun this is a wonderful place I love it. You just have to be extremely careful because it is so easy to get sick here. If you do get sick here ask a trike to take you to Angeles University Hospital.

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Stupid Comment
by: Anonymous

I think you're being a jerk because the comments that you made was 90% not true. The food served in Angeles are clean. They do have Sanitation Check each and every time.

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