Sinking Banca boat trip to Corregidor

by Steve
(Milwaukee, Wi, USA)

I visited the island in 1983 as a U.S.Navy reservist in VP-60.

The USO at Subic Bay offered tours of Bataan and Corregidor. We took 4 man boats over to the island in heavy rough seas, for the size boat we were in.

3 boats with our group were about half way across when one boats motor died. We transferred the three guys to the other remaining boat and proceeded to the island.

We had an outstanding time touring the historical sites and took a ton of pictures.

When we got back to the mainland the broken boat owner had removed, repaired and replaced the engine in this boat and was ready for business.

The motor was a Briggs & Stratton built in my home town of Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Love the PI!

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