Shopping Malls Manila has got everything you need and things you don't!

You may not think that shopping would be a tourist thing to do, well not for me anyway, but in the Philippines, Shopping Malls rule! They even have a name for it, Malling!

Shopping Malls Manila has it all and I mean just that, whatever you want, you will find it in the numerous Shopping Malls and Plazas that abound throughout Manila. What I still have to come to terms with, is how immensely popular Shopping Malls Manila are, talk about crowds! It's not surprising if I really think about it, where else can you escape from the intense humidity or from the tropical down pours of the typhoon season, yes you guessed it in the shopping malls in Manila.

The air conditioning is such a relief from the outside world.

Don't miss the shopping capital of the Philippines, Manila, it is a haven for those of you who can sniff out a bargain or can pick value when you see it.

Why Manila Shopping?

Okay I know you have not come to the Philippines for shopping, all you really want to do is get to that beautiful beach you saw in your travel brochure, put your feet up and relax with a good book, you know the beach I'm talking about the one that looks like Boracay, I can hear you loud and clear. But why not break your trip up by a day, chances are you will have arrived late afternoon or night, why not take the next day off and do some retail therapy?

The Shopping Malls Manila are really huge, Manila boasts the third largest, by floor size, shopping centre in the world, it's new too, only opened in May 2006. Come to think about it maybe Shopping in Manila is not a good idea, specially if you are with your wife or girlfriend, with the size of these shopping centres, a day probably would not be long enough!

Which Shopping Mall in Manila?

Now that is a good question.

Each of the shopping centres cater to different people and in a way a lot of them are the similar, sound confusing? Well it's not really, here is a run down of the major Shopping Malls Manila.

This list is not exhaustive by any means, in fact is you have shopped in any shopping mall in Manila, even the ones noted below, let me know what you thought of them here.

  • SM Mall of Asia
    This is the largest in the Philippines and third largest in the world, at least by floor area. It is right on Manila Bay in downtown Metro Manila and what it does not have, well you probably don't need! On opening day 1,000,000 people went through it's doors, not bad really.

  • Glorietta Shopping Mall
    Glorietta Shopping Mall is located in the CBD area of Makati and is rather upmarket. After all it is surrounded by 5 star hotels, if that gives you an idea of it's clientele and prices.

  • Greenbelt Shopping Mall
    This is in the Ayala Center, the same place as the Glorietta Shopping Mall. It caters to a different consumer, it specialises in Lifestyle products.

  • Power Plant Shopping Mall
    Also know as Rockwells Power Plant, it has it all and to me appears a bit too expensive, but you cannot complain about the choices.

  • Shangri-La Plaza
    The Shangri La Plaza has all the brand names, if you want the latest Armani, then the Shangri La is the place for you.

  • Robinsons
    There are two Robinsons in Manila. The Robinsons Galleria and the other Robinsons Place Manila. These are two very easy to get around shopping centers, which is just how I like it.

  • Harrison Plaza
    Harrison Plaza is in the tourist area of Ermita, the Plaza is a little bit aged now and under a lot of pressure from the SM Mall of Asia, which is not that far away.

  • The Podium Ortigas Center
    The Podium Ortigas Center is where you find your top end, high quality, expensive clothing and accessories. Do not expect bargains here, but do expect to spend lot's of your money.

  • Sm Megamall
    The SM Megamall is in Mandaluyong and is a mid priced shopping mall and if you search and shop well it will not break your budget. It can get crowded and kind of chaotic at times.

  • Divisoria Mall & 168 Mall
    Divisoria Mall & 168 Mall is a mixture of street stalls and shopping mall. Make sure you bring comfy shoes and your haggle, because you are going to meed them!

  • Hidalgo Street Quiapo
    Hidalgo Street is not a shopping mall, but rather an area where row upon row of camera and related shops can be found. This is the place to come for cheap camera equipment and accessories.

  • With all these and more Shopping Centres and Plazas in Manila, it is easy to see how Shopping Malls Manila is becoming a major tourist destination. How can you go wrong, you have all the Brand names that your use to from back home, with more variety and range!

    A dream come true for some!

    Once in Manila you have to decide where to stay. Have a look here for some of my reviews and recommendations on where to stay in Manila.

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