Shangri-La Plaza has the international brands.

There are a few malls in the country which can be deemed "classic" and the Shangri-La Plaza certainly fits that bill!

If you cannot remember or grew up in the rise of the contemporary, art-deco theme of the newer malls, a classic structure would be a single building housing various shops and restaurants. Ask many a Manila Metro local, and the Shangri-La Plaza will always pop up as an example of a classic mall of choice.

Impeccably clean and consistently providing shoppers with a tranquil ambiance, this has become a favourite for those who like to shop and dine serenely.

What is good about the Shangri-La Plaza?

The Shangri-la Plaza attracts anyone who desires peace and quiet when shopping and dining.

When it comes to shopping, there is a diverse set of shops and restaurants to choose from. The mall provides shoppers with ‘High-Lo’ shops and amenities.

Shangri-la Plaza Outside Shops range from international brands such Anne Kline, Burberry, Hugo Boss, Cole Haan to Zara, Marks & Spencer, Topshop, and local retailers like Kamiseta and our own bundle of local designers at the Crossing’s or Rustan’s Department store.

Recently the Shangri Lal has come to offer more fashion and clothing choices with its new avenue of shops at the Zone.

Apart from clothing, the Shangri-la Plaza also has a diverse selection of home deco shops, ranging from delicate antiques to native inspired to modern chic furniture and home accents.

There is also a range of home appliance specialty shops and various choices for kitchenware if you are looking to update your kitchen.

Shoppers can check out shops like La Germania or for kitschy items like a banana hanger, try Rustan’s.

There are also shops that specialize in automobile gear and sound systems as well as home theatre systems.

As for dining, you can whet your appetite strolling around, whether inside or outdoors.

Shangri-la Plaza inside view

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and price ranges are varied as well. If you’re on a budget, the food court is well stocked and will satisfy your appetite whether you crave for Subway or a piping hot bowl of Sinigang (beef stew cooked with tamarind). If you’re searching for good bistros and café’s, Shangri-la Plaza delights diners with various cuisines, you can go for seafood at Fish & Co. or Japanese at Sumo Sam or for hearty steaks at the Steak House – there’s many a restaurant to choose from.

If you need a good coffee fix, you can grab a cup of java and a bite at good old Starbucks, another good coffee shop to try, with its delectable menu and great ambiance is Dome.

Like many malls, Shangri-La Plaza provides entertainment to shoppers, with their theatres and various performances and weekly exhibits, activity details are conveniently viewable at the Shangri-La's various entrances.

Where is the Shangri-La Plaza?

Shangri-La Plaza is located along Edsa Avenue and is accessible via Metro Rail Transit, exit Shaw station.

It is situated beside The Shangri-La Hotel Edsa, and is walking distance from SM Megamall.

There are various modes of public transportation to choose from with the mall as a point of destination.

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