Quirino Grandstand; if it is cultural, political or religious, this is where it will be!

The Quirino Grandstand is located at Rizal Park or Luneta Park.

It is usually the venue of the oath taking of the Presidents of the Philippines. It is also the venue for most important events and ceremonies in the Philippines, whether cultural, political or religious.

Some of the events that have been held here include, the Philippine Centennial Celebration, the 1995 World Youth Day Celebration. In fact it is where Pope John Paul II held mass for more than 5 million people, which made it the world record for the largest Papal gathering in the history of the Roman Catholic Church. That should give you an idea of how large the Quirino Grandstand is.

Quirino Grandstand

The Quirino Grandstand is basically a part of Rizal Park. The park itself is located in the heart of Manila, specifically the north of Roxas Blvd., and overlooking the beautiful Manila Bay. During sunset, you can just watch the sun disappear beautifully over Manila Bay and the Bataan Peninsular.

The park was built in the 1800s when the Philippines was still under Spanish rule.

It is also the site where the Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal was executed in 1896. Hence, it is now called Rizal Park.

Checking out the Quirino Grandstand and Rizal Park is something that you should not miss.

. There are many entry points into the park but as you walk along, you will see the Rizal monument, a bronze and granite monument of Rizal which is one of the landmarks of the city. Surprisingly, the monument of Rizal was created by Richard Kissling, a Swiss sculptor and not by a Filipino.

If you have seen news footage of dignitaries visiting the Philippines, this is where they usually lay a wreath as part of their visit’s protocol. It is here you will also see the mausoleum of Rizal where his remains lay.

Quirino Grandstand Manila

Aside from the Quirino Grandstand and the Rizal monument and mausoleum, the park also has a replica of the Philippines in a man-made lake. Beside the replica of the Philippines is the Children’s playground where you have dinosaurs for children to climb, boots where children can enter and play inside and different sorts of swings, monkey bars and slides.

Then of course there is the Japanese Garden and the Chinese Garden. Usually there is the light and sound presentation in the Japanese Garden when the darkness sets in the park and let’s not forget the usual concerts.

How do I get to Quirino Grandstand?

Getting to Quirino Grandstand is very easy. You can take a taxi, a jeepney or the LRT.

If you take a jeepney you can take the Monumento-Baclaran jeepneys.

If you come by the LRT, you get off at the United Nations Station. Just beneath the station is Rizal Park. From there you can walk to the Quirino Grandstand.

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