Problems in Philippine Paradise

by Harry Olson
(Plano,Illinois 60545 US)

Hello, my name is Harry.

I have been here in the Philippines, since October 17th 2010.

Unfortunately I have had much misfortune since I arrived. I live in Valencia now and live off my pension. My pension is about US$1,200 per month.

I thought I could live on about US$700 per month, but I'm broke about the 15th or 20th of every month.

Also, what is the proper response from my girl-friend to her relatives?

To her they always come first.

Please answer.

Response from Brett:

Hi Harry,

I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune and also about you not being able to survive on your monthly pension.

Everyone is different, especially with there spending habits. I'm unsure what you spend your money on or who, so unless you keep a track of your expenditure, I can understand how it can get out of control.

As you do not say where you spend your pension, I really cannot comment on whether it is enough to live on or not. But usually you should be able to live on US$1200 a month, frugally yes, but you should not be running out of money, before your next pension deposit.

Girlfriends and there relatives….hmmmm. This is a loaded question with so many responses I’m not sure where to start.

As you would know the Philippine family unit is very close, with the children looking after the parents and family unit once they are unable to work and before.

For every email I receive about a girlfriend giving all of her boyfriends or husbands money to her family, I also receive plenty more about how they only spend and look after their boyfriend or husband.

Some Philippine families put a lot of pressure on the children to provide for them, thinking, incorrectly, that all white people are rich!

You need to communicate with your girlfriend and find out what she expects from your relationship, what you expect from your relationship and come to an agreement that works for you both. Do remember it is your money.

I wish you well.


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living on social security
by: Anonymous

Unless you are living the life styles of the rich and famous , or supporting her whole family that is plenty of money to live over there. Locals live on a fraction of that amount.

by: Anonymous

Harry, i don't know if you know these facts, but if you have a baby with your girlfriend and register that baby to u.s. embassy, as a u.s. retiree, that baby is entitled to $1800.00 per month up to 18 years of age. Check into this, and maybe life will turn around for you, uncle Sam is generous to retiree's. Good luck

money and honesty
by: yvemarie

Hi Harry..i dont know if your still in the Philippines..anyway, I, too agree with all the above suggestions and advises they gave you.

Foreigners are sometimes naive, some are just generous to the extent they reget afterwards, some are just plain lonely and need a companion. So what happens is they look for another relationship in another country especially Asian looks which many foreigners(the caucasian type the most) look at the asian beauty as a product of innocence, naiveness and obedience and most of them are in their young age, will definitely tempt middle age men and older men to start a new life.

But you have to also realize as human beings mature and are able to handle life as time goes on they become smarter and when they get the taste of a good life they also change their lifestyle and attitudes towards life.

What i am saying here is that, there are some Filipina woman and Asian woman who can blossom in being a good partner and help with the financial and business issues as well as domestic in the future and there are some, sadly, who blossom into a different kind of person in the future and marriages break down, where the main reason is either financial issues or domestic family issues..

So, choosing to be with someone is always a risk..its like will not know which course of luck your going to be..but if you are really in love and ready to take chances to accept risk and hardships you have to deal with it.

Now if you are saying your pension money is always finished by the end of the month, you really have to be smart and honest with your partner, that if you want to have a good future and that you are willing to help me with our financial issues, then both of us have to cooperate as well as how we spend our money together.

Harry, you have to be straight forward and be honest to her, in that way, you will know if she is really sincere on having a long term relationship with you.

Its all about honesty and acceptance and true sincere love..ok??

Share your blessing First!
by: bema

Hello Brod,
Sorry to hear what happened to your vacation. Your monthly pension is more than enough for a months expenses if you spent your money wisely ,especially here in the Philippines.

Yes we Filipinos are closely knitted family when it comes to family matters.

We are very caring and most especially concern to our parents, and brothers and sisters But maybe because its your first time to visit and meet her family here in the Philippines, its one of the reason why your girlfreind family wants to get along with you to know you better. They want to treat you and assist you in everything.They are more than excited to see you and feel proud to have you in the Family circle.

I am very sure they treat you very especial like a Jar so precious to be broken.They want to be sure you enjoy your trip and vacation here.

The very best thing you should do is explain everything to your girl and I am sure if she really loves you, your way of spending the next time you visit will be a reasonable one. Just dont give up, maybe someday if you grow old with her, your children will do the same thing to you too!

Just me,

by: Anonymous

Hey man!

That is plenty of money to survive on just like the previous comment.

That's around 56,000 pesos which is plenty of dough(45 pesos/a $). The average broke low income people there only makes about 5-6 thousound pesos a month. No more than 10,000P I think.

With $1200 here in the state, that can last a long time. Budget your meal well, utilities, transportation, entertainment and your free spending.

The other dude is right, we don't know what you spend your dough on? Don't spend lavishly.

Finance your monthly income and keep some aside every month for those rainy days.

Good Luck!

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