Philippines Taxi Article (how not to get ripped off)

by Giselle

Multiple Drop-offs with Philippine Taxis

1. What if the driver agrees to drive you to your destination, but then along the way, he suddenly tells you to give him an extra (something like plus 20php or 50php) because of the traffic or because it would be hard for him to get another passenger from the area you need to go to?

2. What if you're having 2 drop-offs, but it's on the way. No need for him to re-route or something. Should you tell that to the driver before hand?

2.1. If the answer is yes, and the driver tells you that there would be an extra charge, should you agree?

2.2. If the answer is no, and when you are down to the second stop, which is the last stop, and suddenly the driver tells you that there's an extra charge because of the drop-offs, should you give him the extra charge that he;s asking for?

2.2.1. If the answer is no, and on the first drop off, the driver asks you to pay for the fare then resets the meter, what should happen then?

3. In general, are there any rules about double or multiple drop-offs? Is there an actual law or code or something that applies to that? Or should the fare depend on the actual metered bill?

The flag down rate is already 40php and it drops 3.50php and that's already pricey for the cabbie to ask for an extra charge.

Comment from Brett:

Hi Giselle,

Great questions!

I must admit I have not had any problems with multiple drop-offs, but by the sound of it you and probably others have.

Maybe others have a view on your issues and can shed some light on it?

Anybody please?



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Oct 25, 2016
by: Anonymous

We had this problem this afternoon the driver gave me and my clasmates a letter from the LTFRB stating about the reset of the meter when dropping someone off.. Bit the letter looks verry sketchy .. It is folded and unclear .. No oficial stamp or what so ever on the paper about the fair rate ... I feel bad for my classmate who just invited us to ride with him in the taxi and drop us off because he paid most of the rate .. I think that it is a scam . A very big one .

Apr 22, 2012
by: Passenger Seat

taxicabs charge point to point. that means you should hire a taxi to get only to a destination of your choice. any other deviations from that would give the driver a change to click on another flag down.

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