Philippines I Expected Something A Bit Better To Be Honest.

I have many friends who are Philippino and my best friend is married to a Philippino lady. I had done a lot of research and spoke to a lot of people prior to my first trip to the Philippines and was greatly disappointed on my first trip there.

The airport was not up to back street standard let alone having the hide to call itself international, Manila is one of the biggest holes on earth that I have ever seen and the bay is just very unattractive.

Jeepneys have NO charisma and are crowed, too low and uncomfortable. Manila is full of squalor and pollution and people who are so poor. There is not much to recommend it at all and that includes the nightly fireworks on the board walk - it is just a nasty place!

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Dec 27, 2013
by: Anonymous6

aww .I feel so sorry for you that.
You only see and experience those of such things.
don't just JUDGE Philippines and its people by its appearance.

Fix first your information.

FYI & for correction : Pilipino (tagalog) / Filipino (english or maybe as a subject) not that one you wrote there. please get the right information. you don't know the story. try to go to some other place here in the Philippines and realize many things!
(rip my eng. I'm just expressing my opinion over this bad review)

Aug 24, 2013
how dare you
by: Anonymous

Well i don't care if u don't like manila our place... but for us a Filipino manila is our huge beloved city.. and besides how there you to post useless comments. ..

Jul 10, 2013
Correction it's Filipino!
by: May Rimando

Citizens of the Philippines are called Filipino not Philippino. If you really did research surely you must know that.

There are too many beautiful places to see here in the Philippines...sadly you didn't see much ;(

I hope you could visit again in the future and experience "love at second sight".


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