The Allure of Dating Philippine Girls

Philippine Girls

Many American singles, divorced men and even widowers have heard of, or even witnessed firsthand, the charms of Asian women.

Tired of the “me-first” and power-conscious attitudes of their own women, these men daydream with longing about the pliant and exotic appeal of ladies from the Orient.

For my money, nothing beats Philippine girls for sheer beauty and a God-given gift for pleasing her man.

If you are a bit challenged on geography, the Philippines is an archipelago in Southeast Asia, sitting at a kind of crossroads between Guam and the mainland, south of Taiwan and north of Indonesia.

This location is important because today’s Philippine girls are a truly lovely flowering of centuries of regional trade, colonization, tourists who settled in-country, and least we forget, the nation’s role as an R & R haven for U.S. soldiers during the Korean and Vietnam wars.

The Exotic Philippine Girls

So, if your taste runs to the exotic, you can certainly find direct descendants of the Islands’ original inhabitants and settlers: aborigines just like Australia’s, “indigenous” tribes in Mindanao that are really the progeny of multiple waves of Indonesian and Malaysian immigration between about 1300 and 1500 A.D.

In the cities and bigger towns, however, you will more likely encounter pale-skinned Philippine girls, either Chinese or Spanish half-breeds. The best of the latter remind the casual observer of white Hispanics in America and native Spaniards, with just a hint of flaring nostrils, that Oriental eyelid and many shades of tanned complexion.

Rarer than a perfect diamond are Anglo-Saxon eyes of chestnut, green, gray or a startling blue that peek at you over a MacDonald’s sundae and quickly gaze down with accustomed modesty.

This is, after all, a predominantly Catholic country.

All things Foreign?

Even better than exotic beauty and habitual modesty is the ease of getting mellifluous answers to a casual “how ya doin’?”

Announce yourself as a genuine American anywhere in the country and you get not only sincerely welcoming smiles but also passable English and a genuine admiration for most things American.

However stridently nationalistic the slant of mainstream newspapers, the truth is American titles crowd magazine shelves and the lion’s share of cable channels are all startlingly familiar. The NBA is huge here, as are American movies and paperbacks.

As to the Internet, the country is unique in Asia for being at the tail end of a long pipeline to American portals an ocean away. Philippine women search the Net for likeable Americans, not Chinese, Malaysians, Indonesians, Indians, or even Europeans.

So you can and will find things in common to talk about and that’s about half the game won, wouldn’t you say?

What About Filipina Dating?

If you like what you hear so far, it is time to get out of your shell and check out your own local scene.

Going by Census Bureau figures, Americans of Philippine descent numbered some 4 million in the 2006 count. They are the largest group of immigrants from Southeast Asia. Lucky you if you live close to where they congregate: California (where Filipinos and by extension, Philippine women outnumber Mexicans), New York/New Jersey, Hawaii, the Chicago metropolitan area and a sprinkling around the Northeast.

Don’t know where to start looking? Since only the most cosmopolitan Philippine women crowd into singles bars, a good place to find them is the local Catholic parish.

But if you don’t get around much yourself and love the anonymity of the Internet dating game, check out our recommendations:

  • Cebuanas is a dating site where Filipinos can meet foreign men.

  • Filipina Heart is another great Filipina dating and personals site for single Filipina women seeking dating, love and friendship.

  • FilipinoFriendFinder has close to 400,000 members, got to be a match in there, surely.

Mostly, the Philippine girls who post here are an ocean away, well-bred, college-educated, professionals and eager to make fast friends, just as you are.

And no scams either about having to pay for more access or to download sexy stuff from some Filipina masquerading as a buxom blonde from Iowa. Trust me, there aren’t any dumb blondes in the Philippines!

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