Pansukian Resort Photos - The Villas

The following Pansukian Resort Photos were kindly supplied by the Pansukian Resort itself. They are quite something.

This page of photos will show you the inside of the villas and what the acommodation looks like. I would not mind a rest in one of the bedrooms, the furnishings look quite inviting. In fact it looks as though the owners have spent a lot of time and effort in getting the details right.

I for one am looking forward to visiting and doing a first hand review of this beautifully presented resort.

Pansukian Resort Photo 1 - Villa

Pansukian Villa

This is a photo of the outside of the Villa at Pansukian Resort.

You can see how they blend in with the surrounding gardens and do not look out of place or too comercial.

Pansukian Resort Photo 2 - Veranda

Pansukian Veranda

I'm not sure about you, but when I look at this photo of the lady sitting on the veranda, I can almost imagine leaving all my stress behind and unwinding, just like the photo.

It is a very relaxing photo, the photo has captured the mood perfectly.

Pansukian Resort Photo 3 - Gardens

Pansukian Gardens

A lot of attention has gone into making the gardens and the buildings fit well together. the paths meander through them and neither building nor garden looks out of place with each other.

As you would expect, very tropical.

Pansukian Resort Photo 4 - Villa Bedroom

Pansukian Bedroom

Now the bedroom looks inviting!

It is a simple in design, which is probably what appeals to me the most, they have not tried to distract the natural beauty of the outside with clogging up the inside of the villa and the bedroom.

Pansukian Resort Photo 5 - Villa Bathroom

Pansukian Bathroom

You cannot get a real good look at the bathroom here, you can see the shower in the reflection of the mirror and it looks like there is a his and her's hand basin.

I do like the look of and use of timber, it continues with the theme throughout the Pansukian Tropical Resort.

Pansukian Resort Photo 6 - Tropical Villa

Pansukian Tropical Villa

This is a photo of the outside view of the Tropical Villa.

It does look very tasteful and simple in design and the raised walkway is a nice touch.

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