Martial Arts Training philippines

by Andy

I'm trying to find out whether there are any martial art training camps in the Philipines which run along the lines of the Thai Boxing camps in Thailand.

In Thailand there is often cheap accommodation on the camp itself plus training twice a day.

They are also very foreigner friendly, catering in many cases solely for Westerners. The martial art really doesn't matter to me, it can be Muay Thai or for instance Brazilian Jui Jitsu, or indeed a Philipino martial art like Kali/Arnis.

It would help if it was a gym that regularly trained foreigners and preferably spoke some English. It doesn't need to be hard core, I'm 50 years old and looking to get fitter and lose weight while learning a martial art.

Because of costs I'd imagine I might have to stay away from the more expensive areas, but it would be nice to be based near a beach. I'd be looking to stay a couple of months. Accomodation need not be luxurious, though I would want a room to myself.

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The World’s Greatest Martial Arts Camp Ever Built
by: Richard

No place like it on earth

“Your lifetime experiences dictate who you are or become” – Unknown

A new martial arts training camp opening up in the Philippines!

Take a look

The World’s Greatest Martial Arts Camp Ever Built

Philippines martial arts
by: Brett

Hi Andy,

These are the two (2) main resources that we have on martial arts training in the Philippines.

You will be best served to get in touch with these people if you wish to know more about martial arts training in the Philippines.


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